Monday, November 19, 2012

AMAs Fashion Recap

Hey loves, hope you dolls caught the AMA's last night, it was a Goooooood Show! I loved it all from the AMA recaps from past AMA moments, the fashion Do's and Don'ts and the dope performances. Usher kicked off the show with a bang! He showed us all why he is still on top after all these years with his uber cool style and sexy grown man dance moves, he surely made me a fan all over again. Now on the fashion note there most certainly were some Diamond Dolls and some Diamond Don'ts and of course I will share them with you here. In the meantime I would love to know which performances/moments you loved the most, sound off below! Mine would have to be the Carrie Underwood performance and the dude from Gangham Style and Hammer at the end.....They kill'd it!
Photo Credit: Fashion-Plus! News Facebook Page
Kelly looked just lovely tonight. I love that she seems to be filling out a bit more and getting some lovely curves on her. She looked absolutely beautiful tonight. Diamond Doll for sure!
Nicki Minaj looks beautiful in this lime green Monique Lhuillier strapless number. She clearly toned it down from her usual shinanigans but I love whoever convenced her to take off those awful captain hats.....they were starting to get annoying. She is definetly a Diamond Doll in this look, 2 thumbs up!
It seemed to be a night of ill fitting saggy dresses as well. These dresses desperately needed a visit by a tailor before they made their appearance on the red carpet. I mean you want the BEST possible coverage when wearing a dress like this so any excess fabric will most certainly be unflattering.  

Jordan Sparks gets a sad face for this look, not cute boo :-( The pattern of the dress is just FUGLY sorry, Diamond DON'T!
Chris Breezy was on his cool kid swag tonight, I loved his red carpet look. He was perfectly fresh to death in his black and white fit for the night.
Will.I.Am. SMH. The things you do for attention boo. I wasn't feelin it, it was like Kanye meets Two Chains, your trying too hard love. Will has a very eclectic style I can usually appreciate but I felt like this look has been done fifty times already. 
Short glitter cocktail dresses were a hit tonight and Jennifer Goodwin and her damn pixie cut were simply perfect! DIAMOND DOLL APPROVED!
Jenny McCarthy was servin it in this black and gold sequin number. I was feeling very Saturday Night Fever when I seen her. Her body is gorgeous and with the hair and accessories she stood out to me in a very chic and cool way. 
Photo Credit: Fashion-Plus! News Facebook 
Taylor knows how to rock a shimmery dress., matter fact she should write a book with J-Lo cause these two do it very well in my opinion.

Carrie Underwood always hits a home run in my book and tonight was no exception in this gorgeous purple lace beaded gown. Face beat to the God's and perfect muted accessories really let this dress take center stage where it belongs. 


  1. Naja boo I didnt really see the AMAs but this was a great blog on the fashion deets.Thanks for doing what you do best.

  2. I didn't watch the AMAs (which is weird because I'm all for award shows) but I have checked out the fashion scene. Taylor looked beautiful. Kelly looked awesome! Loving Carrie Underwood's dress. But my favorite of the night belonged to Gwen Stefani. Her style was simple yet effortless and stylish.


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