Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree on a Budget

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree on a Budget
Every year I am giddy with excitement to decorate my home for Christmas. I love being creative with my tree and creating great holiday memories. The more whimsical the better for me! But one thing is for sure it can add up big time when decorating a tree or even your whole house. Here are a few of my tips and tricks to save money during this time.


Tip #1: Shop After Christmas sales! This step will require a bit of patience and vision. First, it is likely most of the good stuff is sold out after Christmas. However, if it’s not you can score some pretty amazing deals once Christmas is over. For instance, if you know your current tree is on its last leg and you will need to replace it next year it might be a good idea to do that now while it’s on sale for 70% off. You will thank yourself for being prepared and saving a few coins along the way.

Tip#2: Use coupons! I typically get 70% of my Christmas decorations from Micheal’s or Target. Both of them I have the app downloaded on my phone with post notifications turned on for coupon deals. My favorite coupon from Michaels is the 50% off your entire order. It is a gem and I feel they have the best stuff but you need to shop early. The good stuff goes fast, trust me!

Tip #3: Shop Discount Stores! As much as we love the BIG BOX stores for decorations please don’t forget the discount stores in your area. You will be surprised by what you can find at your local Dollar Tree or Big Lots. At Big Lots, items are heavily discounted and pretty darn cute. Many of my ornaments came from Big Lots this year. The diamond rings, large textures gold balls, snowflakes, and stars all came from Big Lots for no more than 6 dollars a pack!

Tip #4: DIY IT!! Look, there is nothing wrong with faking it til you make it or creating a beautiful unique piece for your tree. I love to DIY ornaments and the Tree Skirt. The tree skirt can be expensive, VERY expensive! My DIY solution is to take a cute throw blanket and pillows to create volume. I found THIS cute throw blanket at Target for 9.99 that will work great as a tree skirt. Typical tree skirts run upwards of $40 dollars. No Thank You!

So there you have it, a fabulous tree on a budget! Happy hunting and enjoy the process. I hope you found these tips helpful. If I missed any gems please leave them below I would love to know your money saving techniques down in the comments!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fall Fashion at Wal-Mart!

Shop the Look:
Sherpa Pullover: Here | Leggings: Here | Suede Booties: Similar | Turtleneck: Target          
Bag: Botkier

HELLO THERE DOLLS!!! Long time no chat my loves! It's been a minute but today I have someTHANG to share with ya'll. Fall has arrived and while I'm on my current fitness journey (more to come on that later) I've been having fun finding affordable, fun and chic options to add to my Fall/Winter wardrobe. To my surprise, one of my current favorite places to shop is none other than WALMART. Yes, WALMART! If you haven't browsed around their clothing section in a while,  I recommend you do so in the near future. I found a lot of trendy pieces at crazy affordable prices I think you all would love.

A couple of my favorite Fall finds is this super cozy fleece pullover and khaki green leggings. I love that this pullover came in a size wide so I can be extra comfortable and have room for layers underneath. Not to mention this thing is sooooo soft and warm. It also came in 4 colors because whenyou find a good it in every color!? Isn't that the motto?? No? Just mine? Ok moving on to my next favorite, these leggings. The leggings I picked up because 1. I'm in love with khaki green this season and 2. the design was super cute to me. I will say the fit is not as great as my Fabletics leggings by no means but they are comfortable and very on trend. I also work out in them with no VPL (visible panty line) issues. They do tend to slide down a bit and I have to adjust them more than my higher quality leggings so keep that in mind. 

I styled this look with a striped turtleneck underneath and brown ankle booties to elevate the casual look. This look will surely be a repeat for me this Fall so feel free to head to Wal-Mart to recreate it. 

Now I am in no way sponsored by Wal-Mart in anyway but I will be sharing with you some other amazing finds I picked up recently. Oh and don't worry Wallyworld isn't the only place I've been loving, stay tuned to see what I recently scored at Mango recently! ;-) 

Until next post loves, take care! Muah <3
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