Monday, December 16, 2019

5 Easy Tips to Change up your Christmas Tree Theme

Hello dolls and Happy Holidays! Today is an exciting post because I'm FINALLY sharing my 2019 Christmas Tree. It's the same theme as last year because I just loved it so much! I repurposed the theme by adding a few new things and switching up the ribbon design. I loved this crimped look of the ribbons I've seen on Pinterest (follow me HERE) and decided to give it a try.

I have this slightly unhealthy obsession with black, white and gold. Seriously my entire house is laced in the color palette as well as my branding for So for that reason alone I think this tree will be a permanent fixture in the house until further notice. LOL Not only can it be super expensive to start all over with a new theme, my ribbon alone costs about 30 dollars a roll, it can be a lot of pressure to keep up with. That's why I suggest starting with basics or a neutral color palette that will stand the test of time and boredom and use the following tricks to switch it up from time to time.

1. Switch out your accent color. For the longest I had the candy cane tree, (I still have it BTW 😉) and year to year I simply switch it up by changing the accent colors from a light blue to green. So far it's helped a lot to make it feel like an elevated version of the same old theme.

2. Add special ornaments. To me the ornaments on the tree is what makes it special and unique to you. Each year I try to pick up one or two new ornaments that make me happy and fit my vibe or represents me or the period of life I'm in. Growing up it was my favorite thing unpacking the tree with my Granny because she kept EVERY ornament my mom and uncles made growing up and have the best stories behind each one. When I have kids I'll do the same so their Christmas tree will hold special memories as well.
3. Change the top or the bottom. This is one I love because something as simple as changing the star or topper and the tree skirt can truly make all the difference. For example, switching out the star on the tree and replacing it with fun sparkly picks  can change your tree from classic to whimsical. Or changing out your faux fur tree skirt with a galvanized tree collar or wicker collar can take your tree from glam to rustic-Joanna Gains vibes real quick! Switch it up and don't be afraid to do something different.

4. Get creative with your ribbon. I mean this is the fun part. The ribbon is totally my favorite part and  I have tried it all. I have wrapped the ribbon the traditional way, I have cut and tucked my ribbon, I have curled my ribbon, crimped my ribbon, hung it like an ornament etc. You can weave the ribbon with another ribbon....I mean the possibilities are endless! Step outside the box and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

5. Plan Ahead. SO if you are dead set on changing up your theme, no problem. I suggest planning ahead and scouting those end of season sales. The best time to buy Christmas decor is December 26th! Check out the left overs from this year and snag your favs NOW. I know I desperately want a new tree. I only do artificial trees because I can't be bothered with the maintenance of a real tree. I want a larger lunch fuller tree as my MAIN tree. The budget didn't allow me to spend 500+ on the tree I would love but I will be looking very very closely to those end of season sales to see if it goes on sale.

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