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Monday, January 20, 2020

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2019

Hello dolls and Happy New Year!! Welcome to a new year and a new decade! I’m super excited for today’s post because I’m going to be sharing with you all of my FAVORITE products from 2019. These are products I have been reaching for the most during the year and have been repeat purchases. Because let’s be honest, if you’re willing to spend money on a product AGAIN it must be good! I haven’t done the best job throughout the year keeping you updated on my favs but I’ll do better, pinky promise. I’ll be doing more product reviews and tutorials on my YouTube channel for sure this year. Be sure to head there and subscribe so you don’t miss a download. This week I uploaded a ‘Soft Glam’ look using these products. So if you want to see these products in action head head to my channel! 

So let’s start in the order in which I apply these products to my face 

Starting with skin, I have been loving the Sephora Vitamin C+E Serum drops. They add a boost of hydration to my skin and helps my makeup stay up all day due to the stickiness of the formula. It’s not a bad sticky no worries just more of a tackiness that works well with my primer and foundation. I have been having super dry skin as of late so this stuff has been amazing. It’s not a moisturizer, I add that separately, but it def is a hydrator for the skin. 

Primer: Milk Hydro Primer: This primer is been my go to all year and I must say I love it. It does a great job of keeping my makeup flawless all day long. I mean my makeup looks so gorgeous all day long. My skin has been more on the dry side lately so I try to inject moisture in my routine where I can without making me oily. This does a great job of doing just that. 

Foundation: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Chai. Jackie went OFF when she created this shade, period. This formula leaves me looking flawless with the perfect healthy glow. I have tried a LOT of foundations this year but this one is number 1.

Concealer: Born This Way Concealer in Butterscotch is the concealer I use when I want to look natural and flawless. It does not cake or crease badly. I have natural creases under my eyes so creasing is a part of life for me but this one keeps my underage area just flawless. 

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier in Translucent is a tried and true favorite. I have yet to find any powder that works as well. No other powder gives me such a smooth finish or 

Bronzer: Queen Collection bronzer in Ebony Bronze is an oldie but goodie. I have tried a few other bronzers this year but I keep coming back to this one. It is my perfect shade that doesn't make me look muddy or have too much shimmer. 

Eyes: Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions palette has been my travel palette of choice. This thing goes with me EVERYWHERE. I can create natural looks or dramatic looks with this little work horse of a palette. I'm hitting pan on 2 shades that's how you know it's real. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Similar palette here I want to try next. 

Liner: L'Oreal Voluminous Noir liquid liner in black is another go-to of mine for some time now. To be honest, I will be replacing this longtime fav this year. I find it is amazing when it's fresh but the felt tip dries out a bit faster than I like. I have my eye on the hourglass liner. It's pricey but I hear great things so I will let you know. 

Mascara: Rimmel Accelerator mascara has been a FAV of mine for years now. To be honest it worked for me and I didn't spend too much time venturing out to find a replacement. I will be trying some new mascaras this year just for variety. Until then, trust me when I say this formula doesn't flake or run and keeps my lashes curled with no issues. 

Lashes: Blinking Beaute in Genius. These lashes are my ’special occasion’ lashes but they quickly became my go-to’s for any and all occasions. I LOVE these lashes you hear me. They are a nice and fluffy half lash. The are super flirty and elongate my eye without hiding my eyeshadow. It’s really a go-to for me and I can’t stop using them oh and did I mention I’ve had them over a year and they are still holding up like a champ. 


Monday, December 16, 2019

5 Easy Tips to Change up your Christmas Tree Theme

Hello dolls and Happy Holidays! Today is an exciting post because I'm FINALLY sharing my 2019 Christmas Tree. It's the same theme as last year because I just loved it so much! I repurposed the theme by adding a few new things and switching up the ribbon design. I loved this crimped look of the ribbons I've seen on Pinterest (follow me HERE) and decided to give it a try.

I have this slightly unhealthy obsession with black, white and gold. Seriously my entire house is laced in the color palette as well as my branding for So for that reason alone I think this tree will be a permanent fixture in the house until further notice. LOL Not only can it be super expensive to start all over with a new theme, my ribbon alone costs about 30 dollars a roll, it can be a lot of pressure to keep up with. That's why I suggest starting with basics or a neutral color palette that will stand the test of time and boredom and use the following tricks to switch it up from time to time.

1. Switch out your accent color. For the longest I had the candy cane tree, (I still have it BTW 😉) and year to year I simply switch it up by changing the accent colors from a light blue to green. So far it's helped a lot to make it feel like an elevated version of the same old theme.

2. Add special ornaments. To me the ornaments on the tree is what makes it special and unique to you. Each year I try to pick up one or two new ornaments that make me happy and fit my vibe or represents me or the period of life I'm in. Growing up it was my favorite thing unpacking the tree with my Granny because she kept EVERY ornament my mom and uncles made growing up and have the best stories behind each one. When I have kids I'll do the same so their Christmas tree will hold special memories as well.
3. Change the top or the bottom. This is one I love because something as simple as changing the star or topper and the tree skirt can truly make all the difference. For example, switching out the star on the tree and replacing it with fun sparkly picks  can change your tree from classic to whimsical. Or changing out your faux fur tree skirt with a galvanized tree collar or wicker collar can take your tree from glam to rustic-Joanna Gains vibes real quick! Switch it up and don't be afraid to do something different.

4. Get creative with your ribbon. I mean this is the fun part. The ribbon is totally my favorite part and  I have tried it all. I have wrapped the ribbon the traditional way, I have cut and tucked my ribbon, I have curled my ribbon, crimped my ribbon, hung it like an ornament etc. You can weave the ribbon with another ribbon....I mean the possibilities are endless! Step outside the box and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

5. Plan Ahead. SO if you are dead set on changing up your theme, no problem. I suggest planning ahead and scouting those end of season sales. The best time to buy Christmas decor is December 26th! Check out the left overs from this year and snag your favs NOW. I know I desperately want a new tree. I only do artificial trees because I can't be bothered with the maintenance of a real tree. I want a larger lunch fuller tree as my MAIN tree. The budget didn't allow me to spend 500+ on the tree I would love but I will be looking very very closely to those end of season sales to see if it goes on sale.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Let's Start Over

With a new year approaching in slightly over 30 days and the inevitable list of goals and "New Year, New Me" declarations are on the horizon, let's get a jump start on a few things, my wardrobe makeover being one of them! 2019 was a year that slapped me around and beat me up a bit. Not gonna lie, I feel bruised and beaten from the year. Most of which has been emotional, mental and full of internal struggles. The good thing about a good fight is you usually arise stronger and better than before. You learn from your mistakes and realize the moves you should have made to defeat your opponent. So with that I'm ready for 2020, ready to put my best foot forward and ready for the punches 2020 throws my way.

We will discuss New Year goals and what's to come another day but for today we will chat 'Starting Over'.....With my Wardrobe that is. Yes, I'm about ready to throw away EVERYTHING in my closet and just START OVER! I need a complete overhaul, a reset, a FULL MAKEOVER. Seriously, someone send help! I feel I don't even know what my personal style is anymore. What do I like, what flatters my body shape currently? What makes me feel AMAZING? Hmmm🤔 All great questions that I will be answering in this New Year. The Naja that started this blog 8 years ago has changed and so has her style. So if you don't mind, I'd like to take it back to basics and figure it out all over again.

Has anyone else been feeling like they are in need of a major reset? Nothing in your wardrobe quite fits your vibe these days? If so, let me know below and keep your eye on the blog as we walk through figuring it out together.
This look is the quintessential back to basics look. Every single item in this look in my opinion is a wardrobe MUST-HAVE. A good pair of jeans, black blazer, white tee and versatile shoe. This is me laying the foundation. Start with those basics and build on that. This oversized blazer is a thrift find that I've been obsessed with, I consider it my 'Fashion' blazer. I need a everyday black blazer and work black blazer to round out my collection.

This white tee is from Levi's and great quality so far. I also recommend knowing your shirt 'style'. I look better in a V-neck as opposed to a crew neck. Also, add your favorite accessories that show off your style. This gold chunky necklace and brooch is something I pulled out the archives for sure.

The FIT:
White Tee: Levi's; Jeans: Charlotte Russe; Heels: Steve Madden; Blazer: Thrifted

I'm curious to know what your go-to BASICS look is. My full list of Wardrobe MUST-HAVES will be coming soon.

Monday, October 21, 2019

My Go-To Glam Makeup Routine

Hey dolls, Happy Monday, hope you had an amazing weekend! 

Today I have beauty post for you! Super excited to share my go-to glam makeup look. This look uses some of my current favorite products. While away on a business trip this week I wore this look all week and not only was it quick and easy but I felt FLAWLESS wearing it! Listen, I am a makeup lover through and through but I do not beat my face that often. I work from home so I don't usually have the need to get all dolled up everyday. I will be challenging myself to get dressed and do my face daily. For no other reason besides it makes me feel better when I look better. So here it is my go-to look for that daily glam look.

Foundation: Let's start with the base. I have been severely underutilizing my Fenty Beauty Pro Matte Foundation. I picked this up when my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation was running low and ran out the door. So glad I picked it out of my stash because I truly love it all over again. I'm in the shade 420 and I think it's a perfect match. 

Concealer: Admittedly, I'm a bit of a concealer hoarder. It kind of just happened by accident. One day I was buying a backup and the next I had almost a drawer full of concealers I wanted to "try". The Colourpop No Filter Concealer was one of them. I tried it about two weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. I know exactly why so many people are a fan of this product it truly is a MUST TRY and for 6 bucks you won't regret it. I'm in the shade Dark 46 but think I'll go a bit lighter for a brighter look for now this works. 

Eyes: Huda Beauty lil min palettes are so stinkin cute and easy to travel with. My favorite is the Warm Brown Obsessions palette. It's small and compact and perfect for Fall. 9 shades of creamy, pigmented goodness. It's 29 bucks so a tad pricey compared to drugstore brands but I've had mine for at least a year and no where near pan on any shade. 

Lashes: Do yourself a favor and check out some the Ardell Double Up lashes in the style double wispies. I freakin love these lashes, like, a lot! 

Powder: Not everyone NEEDS powder to set their face. I my friends am not one of these people. AT ALL. I will end up a greasy mess within an hour or two if I don't. If I do it usually takes at least 6 hours for the shine to break through. Now I have been trying different setting powders along the way and my Laura Mercier powder is one I've decided to STOP playing myself over. If I use something else I tend to regret it, so yeah I'm about done playing the experimentation game with powders. Do yourself a favor and just buy THIS one. 

Blush: My go to blush is Raizin by MAC. Again another one of those "if it an't broke, don't fix it" products. 

Highlighter: Currently I'm wearing the Wet n' Wild highlighting powder in Crown of My Canopy. I have multiple highlighters and it's not the best but it does the job. This is a good one and only a few bucks at your local drugstore. 

Setting Spray: This is the glue that holds it all together. Or should I say hairspray that sets the entire look together. I recently tried this Morphe Continuous Setting Spray and I like it I do. However, my usual go-to is the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray

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