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Monday, September 26, 2016

Beauty: Favorite Red Lipsticks for WOC

Happy Monday Loves! I'm super excited to start this week off with this post about my fav red lipsticks. I am no stranger to rocking an old NASTY red lip! I jump at the chance to do so but I understand how difficult it can be for ladies of color to find the RIGHT shade. Not all red shades are created equally for us brown beauties. I have compiled a list of my favs that I'm sure to compliment our skin tone. Here are a few tips I have for picking the right shade.

1. Know your undertones. Do you have cool or warm undertones, are you more yellow tint or red? In MAC foundation are you an NC or NW? Knowing the answer to those questions will help you immensely on your search. Certain reds work with certain undertones.

2. Start cheap. I am a firm believer in practicing with lower end brands before you splurge on the expensive stuff. I don't know about you but I feel a LOT better about wasting 6 bucks over 32 bucks! Once you know what color works for you in lower end brands there is ALWAYS a higher end dupe.

3. Experiment with Finishes. This is totally preference but you might be surprised at how different a matte red looks on you rather than a glossy red. I'm a fan of both however I live for a non-drying matte lip.

4. HAVE FUN. I will say this until the cows come home, it's just makeup....have fun with it!! Seriously. Don't be scared to rock a red lip. No it's not reserved just for date night. I refuse to be put in a box like that. Have fun with your red lip and be fearless dolls!

What are some of your favorite red lippies? I want to hear down below, I'm always down to try some new shades!


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Pom Pom Tassel Sandal

Colorful. A word I would use to describe this look and my mood lately. That and tired but mostly colorful, happy and excited and when I wear these shoes my mood gets even better! These shoes make me giddy ya'll. The colorful bright pom poms make it easy to see why this was one of this summer hottest trends. When I spotted these beauties on I knew I had to have them. Paired with anything white and festive and they truly pop.

I mentioned in THIS post that I'm only adding items to my wardrobe that make me happy and these do exactly that. I have to get just a few more wears out of these beauties before I trade them in for booties and snow shoes :-(

What are some of your favorite pieces you're going to be sad to put away this summer?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

{Almost} Fall

Fall is almost here. I seriously can't believe it, I feel like it was just January now it's almost September. Anyone else feel like time is flying by at a scary rate??

In this look I'm embracing the fall color palette and mixing Navy and Olive. I love this color combo, it's so rich and neutral. Throw on a burgundy lip and this look would be perfectly Fall appropriate. I paired it with a neutral super high wedge sandal and tribal necklace to add a bit of interest. Fall is going to be fun this year, I'm excited for the Fall trends and layering goodness. Not to mention I can NOT wait to decorate my home for fall and cook all kinds of pumkin approriate goodness!

What are some things you dolls are looking forward to this fall? Is it the trends, fashion, weather or food??? I'll take all of those things please and thank you!!



Monday, August 22, 2016

6 Beauty Products for Summer Stay All Day Makeup

So summer is here in full force and if you're like me you’re struggling trying to keep your makeup in place. I spend a lot of time in Arkansas for word, like A LOT of time.

Hot, Humid and Muggy Arkansas. 

It’s humid in DC but that Arkansas heat is just different. I’ve literally left work and looked in the mirror just to look like I can fry chicken on my forehead. It was gross. Here are a few products I love and count on to keep my face flawless. Now to keep my edges laid......Uggh, that's another story! SMH
  1. Oil Cleanser, this is a good one
  2. Murad Oil Mattifier Lotion w/SPF
  3. Makeup Forever  Step 1 Primer
  4. Laura Mercier Setting Powder (OMG! This stuff is AMAZING)
  5. Urban Decay Setting Spray
  6. Blotterazzi Beauty Blender Sponge

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