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Monday, November 2, 2015

Kim K Makeup: Halloween 2015

It's no secret that Kim K is probably the face of the highlighting and contouring movement going on right now. I call it a movement because you literally see everyone attempting this technique and quite frankly has COMPLETELY changed the look of some people's face. 

Highlighting and Contouring only looks scary but it doesn't have to be.

The idea is to brighten up the under eye are in an effort to bring more light you want accentuated and contour the areas you don't. Typically you will highlight under your eyes to make them brighter and hide dark circles, the chin and forehead. You would contour the cheeks and under the chin.....especially if your like me with a little face chub to hide. 
So for my Halloween party Saturday night I mustered up all my fabulousness,  got as naked as possible and beat the heck out of my face to give you all this Kim K realness! I purchased this dress a while ago, last worn HERE, and never truly had any intentions of leaving the house in it without some serious laying and styling. Then here comes Halloween in all it's non judgemental splendor and took the opportunity to wear it out the house as Kim K herself. It was black and flattering while allowing me to wear spanx and a jacket to hide my insecurities. Score and Score!
To ensure my makeup was on point I used a mixture of products old and new to me. Thanks to my friends over at Ulta for sending me the Amazing Cosmetics face primer, concealers and setting powder to try. 

I used the caramel concealer under my eyes, Bobby Brown foundation stick in walnut to contour and a mixture of the Amazing Cosmetics translucent power and Ben Nye Banana power to set. This makeup did not budge all night long and I think it turned out perfect. Oh and the 20 minutes it took to apply these wispy false individual lashes was totally worth it for the perfect Kim K flirty eye.
 It was seriously hard to NOT smile all night long. It's totally not my personality, I STAY smiling in pics. :-D
Products Used:
Foundation: Studio Fix Fluid NC50; Concealer: Amazing Cosmetics in Caramel; Amazing Cosmetics  Powder Set and Ben Nye Banana Powder to set; Lippie: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria


Friday, October 30, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Hi dolls, remember me?? I know it's been a minute but there has seriously been so much life stuff going on I'm doing my best to keep up. What better way to come back then with a Halloween look!! I absolutely LOVE Halloween y'all, you have no idea, and love dressing up even more! Last year I was Dorothy or the Dead Dorothy at one Halloween party lol and this year I am Little Red Riding Hood. Oh the plans I had for makeup with this look ....think gashes, facial scars with an extra dose of blood. I can't help but to want to do the gory stuff for Halloween but sadly I just didn't have time to plan my look like I wanted.

So there is this super cool trail behind my house with a bridge and all. It was an absolute perfect backdrop for the stroll to grandmothers house. I seriously can't wait to see it all covered in snow in a few months!! Hopefully I'll find a friend brave enough to take my pics in it like my girl Eilanete did for these. I swear when my friends take my pics they do such an amazing job! Friends that support your obsessive picture taking fetish and don't judge you when you ask them to go out in public with you looking like a fairy tail character = true squad goals!
Oh and don't mind the hole in my fishnets I had an unfortunate run in with a BIG BAD WOLF ;-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall Dressing

The air is crisp and Pumkin Spice Lattes have flooded your world....that can only mean one thing..... Fall is here! Dark vampy lips and layers just get me excited. 
Fall is by far my favorite time of year for fashion. Not too hot where you want to be naked or cold where you want to wear a million layers just to feel comfortable. In this look I paired this dope distressed jean jacket with a lightweight tank and olive green leggings. This look is comfy and perfect to transition into the cooler months.
The Look:
Top: Marshall's | Leggings: GAP | Boots: Zara (last year) | Jacket: Thrifted H&M | Hat: Forever 21 | Lippie: Rebel by MAC

Friday, August 21, 2015

Layer it Up

It's Friday!! Ending this week on a high note dolls after actually sticking to my posting schedule!! *insert squeal here* Not sure why consistency is one of my biggest weakness but I'm working on it. Seriously making an effort to do better in all aspects of life. Pray for me ya'll as I need it. 

Now on to this look. I found this peach shirt dress that I just loved on the website then got it home and couldn't figure out how to work it. It was a little too sheer to wear as a dress so I added a black mini underneath. Then I didn't like the shape it gave me so I belted it. I soon didn't like the brown clutch with my shoes so I changed it. And finally, I felt it just looked a lil boring and needed something else so I added the vest. There ya go. Done. I like it, now I'm out the door. 

Sometimes in fashion we have to experiment like that to achieve the look we want. Sometimes it's the look we didn't know we wanted but that's the fun part of mixing and matching. In the end, layering is always a good idea as long as it's cohesive. It has to flow and make sense. Play around with difference layers, shapes, textures in your wardrobe and see what you come up with this weekend. 

Have a great one loves and as always thanks so much for stopping by!

The Look:
Shirtdress: Forever 21 Contemporary | Belt: Banana Republic (old) | Vest: Forever 21 (old) | Heels: Calvin Klein (old) | Bag 1: Vintage Bag 2: Michael Kors (old)
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