Saturday, February 1, 2020

5 Lessons I Learned after NO-BUY January

Finally!! After what felt like 138 days,  January is finally OVER ya'll! Seriously, this month has been ridiculously long. I'm happy to report that my NO Spend is over. I am very happy about that but also thankful for the experience. In hindsight,  it has been a huge blessing and I learned a lot about myself and my spending habits. Here are the top 5 lessons I learned from this NO SPEND month.

1. I have a shopping problem. I knew I kind of had a problem but after this month it is without a doubt that I have a shopping addiction. I found that shopping is my go-to activity for just about everything. I'm bored, cool just go shopping. I'm happy, great let's go shopping! I achieved ANYTHING, oh girl you deserve it, let's go shopping! I also found myself very sad to not receive a package almost daily. Amazon had become a daily dose of happiness. It didn't even matter what was coming, the simple fact that something was on the way for me made me feel amazing. Without that, I found myself feeling slightly sad.

2. I need a hobby. I need activities to keep me busy in times of boredom. Here are some ideas for activities that don't cost money. I did each one of these during this month and found it great alternatives to hitting the mall or browsing some of my favorite online shops

    1. Workout. This can be at a gym or simply taking a walk or popping in a tape at home.
    2. Bible Study. This is one hour a day you can spend fellowshipping and networking with other Christian minded individuals. It feeds your soul which is better than any shopping trip. 
    3. Cooking. Pick an amazing recipe you have never tried before and give it a shot. Cooking can be very therapeutic and rewarding to create something amazing. 
    4. Invest time in to your business. For me this can be through writing and planning. It cost nothing to edit a picture I have taken, or plan out next week's Instagram posts. 
    5. Enjoy the things you already pay money for. i.e Cable/ Netflix etc. 

3. Not Spending money can be very lonely. I mean you end up spending a LOT of time at home. That truly is the best way to not spend money. Stay in the house and for me stay off the computer. If I'm hanging out with friends it seems to always cost me money so unless I got an at home invite of some sort I stayed home. P.S. I got NO invites this month LOL. 

4. Discipline is a muscle that needs to be worked out often. I have created some very bad spending habits throughout the years for sure. I rarely told myself NO. I rarely planned for purchases and if I did it was never for longer than a month or two. I know this has to stop. For one being disciplined about my purchases allows me to think through purchases and be sure it's something I truly want. 

5. I NEED very little. The notion that I NEED something has been my favorite excuse for purchasing an item. When I started this challenge I felt anxiety because I didn't feel I could survive unless I had everything I 'Needed' first. Which is essentially cheating so I didn't do it and quickly realized I didn't 'NEED' much of anything outside of a few household essentials i.e toothpaste/ toilet paper. I also have a LOT of stuff. Stuff I had forgotten about and had tucked away deep in my closet/cabinet/pantry. The amount of duplicates I found in my pantry when I pulled everything out to organize. I had 4 bags of chia seeds an ENTIRE bottle of Olive Oil I had never opened not to mention the amount of almost full hair products I found. Pretty sure I thought I NEEDED all those things when I ran out to the store to waste my money on them. 

So there you have it dolls. My top 5 takeaways from this challenge. In short, am I glad I did it? YES! Am I changed forever? YES!! It felt great to be in control of my money again. That end of the month feeling of 'Where did all my money go?' was not a good one. And worst, it was rarely worth it. I mean I bought crap I didn't give a second thought to and was honestly out of control. I still enjoy spending money but it will be a lot more INTENTIONAL going forward. I plan on being Intentional not only with my wardrobe as laid out in my challenge HERE, but in all purchases I make going forward. So I'm curious to know, would you consider a NO BUY month? If so, what do you think would be your biggest challenge?? Let me know in the comments below. 


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to be Build Your Dream Wardrobe and be Intentional

2020 WILL be the year I curate my dream wardrobe. I have been disappointed in my current wardrobe for some time now. I am the epitome of “I have nothing to wear”! I sit and stare at my closet and find myself totally uninspired. When I’m uninspired by my wardrobe I find myself not wanting to get dressed at all or just wear my default; sweats. I work from home so this is easy to do. I also find myself turning down invites from friends and avoiding social events all together because I don’t have things to wear that I feel comfortable in. To be fair, it’s not all the clothes fault, I am in a weird place with my body and confidence overall at the moment and it affects multiple areas of my life but that’s another post. In addition to working on my health and doing the inner work, the next thing that affects my mood the most is my wardrobe. I think how you present yourself to the world is often a direct reflection of your mood and how you feel about yourself. When I look good I feel good. So this year will be my journey back to looking and feeling good. 

My Goals for this Intentional Buy Year

  1. Make a LIST. Make a list of all the items I NEED and WANT. This list is created after a thorough assessment of my current wardrobe. For instance in the pics above I have pulled out some key pieces in my wardrobe. Many items I have forgotten I had and some new items I picked up during the Christmas sales. I have sooooo many clothes and shoes I don't want and have honestly just forgotten about. Doing a deep declutter and assessment will allow me to see the GAPS and identify what I have and what I need. Building my LIST I will start with the pieces I NEED and move on the the items I WANT. 
  2. Set monthly budget of $500 p/month, initially. (As my income grows and debt lowers I’m willing to revisit this number after 6 months) Setting and sticking to a budget is very important. For one, it will help with planning and keep me disciplined. Having great style does not mean spending a TON of money. You can also spend a ton of money on low quality items. By setting a specific budget my goal is to make it easier for me to be very intentional about how I spend that money instead of spending frivolously. 
  3. Identify Intent: What is my intent of this challenge? Simple. To curate a stylish/seemless/classic/timeless wardrobe that makes me feel confident. I think it comes down to that plain and simple. I want a wardrobe I love and will love year after year with few updates needed season to season. 
  4. Explore/Determine my personal style. This goal is a BIG one for me dolls. If I asked you to describe your personal style into 3 words what would you say? Honestly, I want to know down below in the comments. At one point I feel I had this question nailed but not so much these days. 
  5. Buy only high quality pieces that align with your vision and budget. I have in the past been a quantity over quality buyer. As a professional woman in my 30’s this is no longer ok. I would always rationalize buying 4-5 handbags from Zara (many I never wore) to investing in one quality designer piece that will last me ages. I would ultimately tell me self I could never bring myself to spend that kind of money on a handbag but in reality I DID spend that kind of money…..on bullshyt! I understand the value of cost per wear a lot better and find the pieces I buy on impulse don’t bring me joy past the purchase point. 

So now on to the rules. For me, This is what will make it an intentional buy year because I will be asking myself the following questions: 

  1. Can I wear this piece at least 10 different ways with what’s in my wardrobe NOW?
  2. Does it fit in your clothing allowance budget? $500 p/month
  3. Does this item reflect the woman I strive to be? Does it align with your future goals, desired lifestyle or identified personal style?

THEN Ask Yourself…..

  1. Is this item on “THE LIST”? My 2020 Wardrobe Wishlist is coming soon
  2. Is this a wardrobe staple or replacement of a staple? Wardrobe staples /basics should be purchased first as they build your wardrobe foundation
  3. Is this a trend? Will I be over it next year? Be honest
  4. Can you thrift or buy this item secondhand? Although I haven’t been the biggest fan of thrifting and secondhand items, I do see the extreme value in it and will make a more conscience effort to choose that route. Not only for sustainability reasons but for budgetary reasons as well. 

My purpose of this Intentional Buy year is simple; to wear what I have, invest in what I don’t in order to never have to say, “I have nothing to wear.” As a borderline shopaholic who enjoys buying things just to buy them I do recognize the challenge this will be for me. I am very much a I see it, I want it, I buy it type of shopper. This has not proven to be very smart, sustainable or or worthwhile for me. It’s time to change my spending habits and this is where I begin. So please come along and join me if you like, I need all the support I can get for sure! 


Monday, January 20, 2020

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2019

Hello dolls and Happy New Year!! Welcome to a new year and a new decade! I’m super excited for today’s post because I’m going to be sharing with you all of my FAVORITE products from 2019. These are products I have been reaching for the most during the year and have been repeat purchases. Because let’s be honest, if you’re willing to spend money on a product AGAIN it must be good! I haven’t done the best job throughout the year keeping you updated on my favs but I’ll do better, pinky promise. I’ll be doing more product reviews and tutorials on my YouTube channel for sure this year. Be sure to head there and subscribe so you don’t miss a download. This week I uploaded a ‘Soft Glam’ look using these products. So if you want to see these products in action head head to my channel! 

So let’s start in the order in which I apply these products to my face 

Starting with skin, I have been loving the Sephora Vitamin C+E Serum drops. They add a boost of hydration to my skin and helps my makeup stay up all day due to the stickiness of the formula. It’s not a bad sticky no worries just more of a tackiness that works well with my primer and foundation. I have been having super dry skin as of late so this stuff has been amazing. It’s not a moisturizer, I add that separately, but it def is a hydrator for the skin. 

Primer: Milk Hydro Primer: This primer is been my go to all year and I must say I love it. It does a great job of keeping my makeup flawless all day long. I mean my makeup looks so gorgeous all day long. My skin has been more on the dry side lately so I try to inject moisture in my routine where I can without making me oily. This does a great job of doing just that. 

Foundation: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Chai. Jackie went OFF when she created this shade, period. This formula leaves me looking flawless with the perfect healthy glow. I have tried a LOT of foundations this year but this one is number 1.

Concealer: Born This Way Concealer in Butterscotch is the concealer I use when I want to look natural and flawless. It does not cake or crease badly. I have natural creases under my eyes so creasing is a part of life for me but this one keeps my underage area just flawless. 

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier in Translucent is a tried and true favorite. I have yet to find any powder that works as well. No other powder gives me such a smooth finish or 

Bronzer: Queen Collection bronzer in Ebony Bronze is an oldie but goodie. I have tried a few other bronzers this year but I keep coming back to this one. It is my perfect shade that doesn't make me look muddy or have too much shimmer. 

Eyes: Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions palette has been my travel palette of choice. This thing goes with me EVERYWHERE. I can create natural looks or dramatic looks with this little work horse of a palette. I'm hitting pan on 2 shades that's how you know it's real. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Similar palette here I want to try next. 

Liner: L'Oreal Voluminous Noir liquid liner in black is another go-to of mine for some time now. To be honest, I will be replacing this longtime fav this year. I find it is amazing when it's fresh but the felt tip dries out a bit faster than I like. I have my eye on the hourglass liner. It's pricey but I hear great things so I will let you know. 

Mascara: Rimmel Accelerator mascara has been a FAV of mine for years now. To be honest it worked for me and I didn't spend too much time venturing out to find a replacement. I will be trying some new mascaras this year just for variety. Until then, trust me when I say this formula doesn't flake or run and keeps my lashes curled with no issues. 

Lashes: Blinking Beaute in Genius. These lashes are my ’special occasion’ lashes but they quickly became my go-to’s for any and all occasions. I LOVE these lashes you hear me. They are a nice and fluffy half lash. The are super flirty and elongate my eye without hiding my eyeshadow. It’s really a go-to for me and I can’t stop using them oh and did I mention I’ve had them over a year and they are still holding up like a champ. 

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