Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakin All the Rules.....

Just a quick outfit post this weekend dolls. What I wore to run some errands, yes I know I'm wearing white after labor day but I am not one to follow fashion rules....AT ALL. I wear what I want and for some reason I never wore these white skinny jeans until today.
The FIT: Blazer: Vintage, Tank: Gap, Jeans: Nordstroms, Heels: Miu Miu, Necklace: Vintage
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leather Essentials

So I don't know about you dolls but I am LOVIN LEATHER and pieces with leather accents. A great way to add a bit of edge and personality to any outfit. The following pieces are sending me into a bit of a frenzy right now. Surely a sign that my faux leather leggings in my closet at the moment aren't nearly enough to satisfy my urge for this funky trend. The following pieces had me at HELLO.
Leather Essentials
1. Alice & Olivia Box Leather pleated skirt, $470
2. Dolce & Gabbana Grey Leather Gloves, $390
3. Sea NY Leather & Silk Blouse, $370
4. Faux Leather WaistbandTrim Flannel Skirt, TopShop, $70
5. Rick Owens Leather Bib Necklace
6. All Black Leather Converse All-Stars
7. Pu Pencil Rib Side Skirt, TopShop, $75


Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for Tights!!

So Fall has finally arrived here in the south and I have worn tights twice this week already. YAY! Today was the first official cold front which means its time to bust out the sweaters and coats....can't wait!  Not a fan of covering up my favorite asset but I am a HUGE fan of tights....these will be in HEAVY rotation this Fall!
LOL, I look like Alfalfa in this pic.....darn the wind!
 Takin a lil twirl :-)
 LOL, still twirling!
The FIT:
Jacket: JCPenny
Tank: Target
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Banana Republic
Heels: Steve Madden
Shades: Gucci
Watch: Fossil
Pink Lippie: Cover Girl 'Sweetheart'

Naja Diamond


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Navy and Nude

I am so NOT a morning person. Some mornings I don't even wake up after a shower....I can totally go right back to sleep. This morning was exactly one of those mornings, combined with the fact I stared into my closet for 20 mins convinced I had nothing to wear, I ended up 40 mins late to work...uggggh. Anywho, this is what I came up with Navy and Nude, after I left the house I thought of all kinds of amazing remixes for this outfit, so stay tuned lovelies! 
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Blouse: Bar III, Macy's
Skirt: Club Monaco
Heels: Steve Madden
Necklace: Vintage
Shades: Michael Kors
Bag: Target....I so wish it kept its shape a lot better than this. I guess you get what you pay for :-(


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Week in Photos

Not much to say today but here's my week in photos. Enjoy.
 New Fall colors I picked up at Dollar General for a buck each! #SCORE Wearing the two teal colors on my toes HERE.
 Absolutely nothing....for miles. 
 House built into the side of the about isolation. 
 Such a pretty view....and the scenery was nice too! ;-) LOL

 Climbing on this rock was a task, I felt like such a rugged mountain lady! LOL
 This is as far as I go, time to go home now.....
 Not before snapping a picture of this....GORGEOUS.
 FINE.DINING in Montana. SMH
This is a scary place to be a seventy miles up a mountain in Montana clearly being the only person anyone had seen that looked like ME in a VERY long time...if ever. 
 But they had good beer :-D
 Just a lil reading material I picked up along the way :)
New bedding scored at Target....seriously so ecstatic to finally start decorating my bedroom again!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Feelin Blue...or more like TEAL.

Hey dolls, just a quick Office OOTD for ya. Although this outfit was inspired by my new toe nail polish today it fit my mood pretty well. Today was an emotional day and left me feelin mighty blue TEAL. Tomorrow will be a better day I'm sure.
Blazer: Scored Cruisin mom's Closet
Slacks: Goodwill Find
Tank: Target
Heels: Sam Edelman
Necklace: Not sure Old
<3 Mani: Sally Henson Nail Strips <3


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