Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello from Montana!!

Hey dolls, so I'm outta town right now on business in....MONTANA! Yeah so my job takes me to places that are less then desirable sometimes but I totally love what I do so I don't mind it one bit. I was totally caught off guard by how beautiful Montana is. I will be the first to say that I'm not an outdoorsy kinda girl AT ALL. After seeing the beautiful mountains as my plane landed I was totally inspired to venture out from my hotel room and go out and see the sights! My goal was to go hiking and see an Elk....or Bigfoot either one would have been fine. Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky and didn't spot either and I really only walked down and back up a steep hill but that was good enough for me. Check out this view dolls, GOD does some splendid work doesn't he!

Remember to appreciate and enjoy every moment HE has blessed you with. Have a lovely day lovelies! Be blessed :-)
Naja Diamond


  1. Awww..you are too cute! What a gorgeous view and those paw prints were kind of huge....lol!


  2. Makes me wanna visit! I hope I have a traveling job.

  3. That scarf is cute ... Montana looks beautiful..., I like going places people would not normally go... your hair looks good too... Thanks for the creative award, I love your blog so thanks for shouting me out !

  4. LOL @ "bear" paw prints!! Great video post. Love the blog and your style (caught you on fashion bomb...). And yes that jacket is too cute I especially love the knit back and asymmetric detail (I own this jacket as well..lol).


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