Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Week in Photos

Not much to say today but here's my week in photos. Enjoy.
 New Fall colors I picked up at Dollar General for a buck each! #SCORE Wearing the two teal colors on my toes HERE.
 Absolutely nothing....for miles. 
 House built into the side of the mountain...talk about isolation. 
 Such a pretty view....and the scenery was nice too! ;-) LOL

 Climbing on this rock was a task, I felt like such a rugged mountain lady! LOL
 This is as far as I go, time to go home now.....
 Not before snapping a picture of this....GORGEOUS.
 FINE.DINING in Montana. SMH
This is a scary place to be a seventy miles up a mountain in Montana clearly being the only person anyone had seen that looked like ME in a VERY long time...if ever. 
 But they had good beer :-D
 Just a lil reading material I picked up along the way :)
New bedding scored at Target....seriously so ecstatic to finally start decorating my bedroom again!



  1. girl you betta werk in those mountains!! you look so natural and beautiful!

  2. Awww I've got Treasure Island and Glistening Purple too! I'm gonna be wearing a lot of glitter polishes this fall and winter.

  3. WOW...such beautiful scenery and you look lovely in all the pics!!


  4. Bringing fab to the mountains!

    Those views are breathtaking! You look like you were on a photo shoot

    (so I am not the only magazine addict around here)

  5. thanks for sharing! I have been wondering what brand hair extensions you wear, the length, and how long you wear/re-wear them? Excuse me if you've already done a hair post, if so I missed it. Thanks!


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