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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakin All the Rules.....

Just a quick outfit post this weekend dolls. What I wore to run some errands, yes I know I'm wearing white after labor day but I am not one to follow fashion rules....AT ALL. I wear what I want and for some reason I never wore these white skinny jeans until today.
The FIT: Blazer: Vintage, Tank: Gap, Jeans: Nordstroms, Heels: Miu Miu, Necklace: Vintage
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  1. Very cute love your videos and blog check out and follow my blog as well http://fashionforwardlex.blogspot.com/

  2. Love this fit I SOOOO don't follow that white after labor day crap either lollllllllllll


  3. I love your hair. It looks so perfect! & I'm w/ you, I hate when people try to tell me the "fashion rules"...

  4. i luv this look great neon colors and those heels r amazing !!!! and luv the decor in the video :)

  5. Love it! I am another who does not follow the white after labor day rule!

  6. Hey girly I'm having problems leaving a comment under my blogger name. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but let me know when it gets fix. On another note when you are ready to sell your shoes and clothes let me know cause I need to get in your closet.

    Fashion is my drug

  7. loving this look and those shoes are Cute!!! I don't follow rules either!!! You go girl! Off to check out your vid.


  8. Can't say it enough- your color combos are so on point.

    I have a collection of white bottoms (capris, cargos, skinnies) but they are sitting in my closet because I was over them (especially cause when I first moved to Florida I was so into the "South Beach" look)- but I am inspired to pull them out and give them some new life.

  9. Why are you so pretty AND why is your hair always flawless? You seriously need to let us in on your hair dear! You look wonderful as usual and I love the fit. The shoes are sick!

  10. Thanks so much ladies! Not quite used to these "Winters" down here so I'm surely experimenting with different looks. Fun so far!

    @Miss Ellis: Hunni check out my hair video I have up on YouTube!! I give you dolls all the deets!

  11. Just found your blog and I am consumed with checking all the style and playing with my own wardrobe!

    loving all the color and the fabness!

  12. Those shoes are amazing! I love colbolt blazer paired with the Miu Miu pink block heel!

  13. The color combo is FAB! I will try to copy it ASAP!

  14. I really admire the way you put an outfit together!! It has its pop of colors but its simple. Not doing to much but you are def getting noticed.

  15. Love this outfit. Love the colors!!!

  16. I love this look! You have such fabulous style! I don't follow the no white after labor day rule either =)

    Now following!

  17. I so loooove this look. Right up my alley. That navy blazer is great.

  18. Your hair is FABULOUS! Pretty please inbox me, I have a question to ask you about it. Im going to watch the review now. Thanks for tweeting it!




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