Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghosts of Wardrobe's past...Boooo!

Hey dolls, so every now and then I get a little sad about my wardrobe that I lost when my apartment burned down in March *insert sad face*. Don't get me wrong my new wardrobe is coming along beautifully and developing into one that I am very proud of. But every now and then my old beauties come back to haunt me and I miss them oh so much. Its usually when I come across old pictures of me in them or I think of a new way I want to style the item. Nothing erks more than having to purchase an item over again or settle for a less than amazing replica...uggh. Here are some of the ghost from my wardrobe past that have come back to haunt me with their splendor!
Loved this blue BCBG Generation dress and the belt was gorgeous with my all black jumpsuit *sigh*
These Michael Kors wooden cutout wedges were my FAV vacation shoe....I felt like I was on stilts in those things...just look at that heel!! MK wedges I MISS YOU!!
Wore this purple BCBG jumper to graduation...One word. EPIC
These were my first pair of Sam Edelman and I literally wore them with EVERYTHING when I first got them. Oh and these textured leggings were the best!
Felt like a sexy candy striper in this outfit and the shoes were the perfect neutral wedge...not to mention Miss Tina said I looked FAB!  ;-D
This F21 red bodycon dress hugged all my curves just right....hard to find one that pales in comparison.
These A.Wang's were my first designer shoe purchase...(I think) a christmas gift from ME to ME. Took me two weeks to learn how to walk in them and they were still the most painful shoe I've ever owned....but I LOVED them!
 This salmon BCBG dress with the sweetheart neckline was a FAV of mine.
This BCBG jumper was soooo comfortable and sexy to me! Wore it to my first Beyonce concert *tear* boy do I miss it. 
 Found this perfect panama hat in the men's department of some mall in Panama City, FL.....Wore it just about everyday that summer! I have a huge head and hats that look right on me are hard to find. This one was perfection!
 Wore this BCBG dress to sneak into my first NY Fashion Week show, (hey I was a BOLD fashion student with NO surely this dress held some sentimental value for me....I was so excited to wear this dress and those shoes were beautiful. Gave me the confidence I needed to pull off such a bold move! haha
{Ok I think I was a little obsessed with BCBG what can I say. Lol}

Hope you dolls enjoyed this post. 




  1. Sad to hear about the apartment....I am fully confident you will be restored over and above! The fire may have taken your clothes but it din't take your knowledge of how to dress your body well so it is only a matter of time before you find just the right pieces. I know that there are more important things in life than clothes but they really do complete some memories don't they??

    that being said that BCBG jumper was hot! let's take a moment of silence........LOL!!

  2. This post gave me LIFE!!!!!!! I mean every single last photo is hot but the jumpsuit!!! YES GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't iamgine losing my things but I can imagine it's fun building a new wardrobe is fun :)

  3. that jumpsuit was fab wow!!!! tear :(, and the short hair was adorable

  4. OMG. your clothes are awesome. That jumpsuit is the best, the salmon dress is beautiful and you were rocking that red dress. I don't know what I'll do if my apartment burned down. I'm so sorry about that. But your new clothes are great too. If you have more pictures post them.

  5. I had no idea that that happened in March. I'm sorry to hear that, but I do realize that you are still blessed and God has an even better wardrobe in the midst for you. :) Now... That jumper though. BANANAS! Amazing...

  6. Absolutely LOVE that blue jumpsuit! You looked gorg in every.single.pic.

  7. Okay, so basically you have always been fabulous, through everything!!!! *salutes you*

  8. The jumpsuit you wore to graduation...dying! It was magnificent! I would cry over losing that too.

  9. lol, I was going to comment that I love BCBG also but maybe not as much as you! Fabulous pieces, I absolutely LOVEEEEE that graduation jumpsuit along with the necklace. I'm mourning the loss of that with you!

  10. Thank you so much for the condolences ladies! I truly do love sharing my new wardrobe goodies with you all :-)

  11. I would feel the same way you feel about your clothes. And I am sorry to hear about the fire, but the great thing is you are alive to rebuild your wardrobe and I must say it still looks fabulous!! :-)

    Carsedra of:

  12. So sorry to read about the fire. But thank God you have pics of all these jewels! Although they were just material things, I understand the pain of such valuable pieces. The iron just burned holes through one of my FAV BCBG tops just last week! lol

    That jumpsuit, white blazer, and A. Wang's were FABULOUS! :)


  13. Love that blue jumper... that piece is def "a life changing experience" as my GF would call it :)

  14. Aww sorry to hear :( Now you can create a new wardrobe!

  15. You are right..that blue jumper is EPIC!! Love that whole fit.

  16. Sorry to hear about your apartment... Just good to know you made it through..

    That blue jumpsuit is EVERYTHING... wow.

    side note: you inspired me to get that leopard bag from target! Love it!

  17. You look so different in these pictures. I had to do a double take. I'm really sorry about your apartment, but it's amazing to see you with such a smile on your face and such an amazing spirit.

  18. You have such an amazing style!! Enjoyed looking at your past wardrobe -- the jumpsuit and A.Wang shoes were ridiculously!!

    Sorry to hear about the apartment fire and losing your things :-( The upside is you're rebuilding your wardrobe and at least you have some pics for memories!

  19. That's the best jumpsuit I have seen thus far!! Loved how u paired it with the blazer. HOT!!

  20. Your clothes are awesome. Love your jumpsuit!


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