Monday, March 31, 2014

Operation Fit N' Fine: Join me in my Fitness Journey!

Ok here we go, so it officially begins!      
The 8-Week Operation FIT 'N FINE, "Almost 30, shyt just got REAL", "Team-no-more-gut" Fit Challenge!
I decided that 2014 was the year for change, the year to stop doing the same thing and expecting the same results. It was time I challenged myself and do less talking about it and more being about it to get my body back. I have been very unhappy, uncomfortable and unhealthy lately. One thing is for certain and that is no one can change those 3 things BUT ME!  
So, in comes The 8- Week Challenge…why 8 weeks you ask?? Well that's because in about 8 weeks and some change I will be the big 3-0 YES, that's right I will be joining the dirty 30 club. Time to get things tight and right before age and time doesn't give me a choice. 
So with that I have decided to challenge myself and invite you dolls to join me and keep me accountable. With not too long until Summer and from reading my Facebook and Instagram feeds I see a lot of you dolls are on your own journey as well. Let's encourage each other! 
After an epic fail at hiring a trainer to guide me on my journey and countless fad diets I have decided to go about this the good 'ole fashion way. Exercise and Clean Eating. I know ground breaking right? No quick fixes, no trainers, no miracle shakes, no super expensive gym memberships or classes just plain old exercise and not eating crap. I have been taking to the Internet and finding recipes/meal plans/fitness routines that will work for me, my schedule and fitness level without breaking the bank. I will share them with you here and on my YouTube channel so I hope you will find value in them on your own journey.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about this challenge, and my goals I hope to reach in these next 8 weeks.
The Challenge:
Over the next 8 weeks I have tailored a diet that while isn't perfect is a great start – specific to my goals. The plan is to eat 6 meals per day, which I prep weekly totally no more than 1400 calories per day. This will help maximize my metabolism and provide my body with the appropriate macro nutrient amounts to develop lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass.
Since my activity level has been completely inconsistent and pitiful, the plan is to exercise 5 days per week, with 2 resting days. Each day of exercise I will focus on a variety of resistance training exercises specific to a particular body part incorporating at least 30-60 mins of cardio. Now because I get bored easily I will be switching this up as I please. I do have a plan I will be using as a guide but my gym has a really great boot camp class that does an awesome leg workout 2 days a week. I will swap out this class for leg days at times. As I progress through the challenge so will my diet and training – it will be necessary  to continue to challenge myself as I grow stronger and get closer to my goals.
I will check my weight on a weekly basis so I can monitor my progress, and post them periodically throughout the challenge! I will be taking measurements at the beginning, 4 week point and when I hit the 8 week mark. 
Here is a little sneak peak of where I am and where I'm trying to go. I'm not trying to be super skinny, I'm not made like that but 30 pounds is a lot on a shortie like me even if you don't see a HUGE difference in these pictures. 
My Goals:
My main goal during this challenge will be to reduce belly fat, increase my endurance, energy level and stamina. Overall, I'd like to lose 30 pounds (not in 8 weeks, I understand that will take some time) decrease my blood sugar (yes, that is an issue for me....more to come on that later) and ultimately be sexy as HELL! Well, Duh!

My biggest obstacle with this challenge will be my diet. As prior military and athlete I am no stranger to working out and strenuous workouts but food, now that's different. I LOVE me some food yall and all of the bad stuff. If it is fried, sweet, salty or greasy I probably will take two of them at a restaurant. Yes, restaurant or fast food joint because I rarely cook, I actually like to cook but I don't like the production of it all. To be honest if you knew how I ate on a daily basis you would think I was 300 pounds. I am disrespectful when it comes to food dolls. My solution is preparation. I am currently working in the office with a new client so bringing my lunch and snacks to work is essential. I have been doing good the last few weeks planning my meals but need to curb the cravings and maintain my discipline to not succumb to them. 

I will be posting an update regularly including info such as workout ideas, recipes, examples of what I eat in a day, and of course PROGRESS PICTURES and stats, and I may even do updates that talk about the challenges I come across, because we all know, this isn’t going to be easy!!!
Shyt Gets Real:
My reason for wanting to do this and blog about it for the world to see....EEEEKK! accountability. I'm hoping that with your support and encouragement it will be like I have a ton of workout buddies to get me through this journey.This is so important right now because after a recent trip to the doctor stuff got real. Doctors orders are to lose at least 30 pounds, at just 5 feet 1 inches I weighed in at a whopping 176 lbs.....say whaaaa!!! That is not OK for someone at my height and frame with NO history of obesity in my family. I was also told to cut out sugars as much as possible as my blood work shows me as pre-diabetic (Yup, scary) and I need to take additional vitamins to supplement the severe vitamin D deficiency found in my blood work. I will be 30 in June and these are not the kind of conversations I feel I should be having with my doctor. I been starting to think about babies and in my current condition I was told I need to take care of these things first. WOW, talk about a wake-up call. I received that news almost 2 months ago and my habits have improved but not enough, it's much much harder than I imagined. I still slack on my workouts and sneak in a Pepsi and cookies here and there.  Habits are hard to break and sugar is addicting so this will take time. Luckily for me I have my blog and wonderful Diamond Dolls that support me everyday so why would this health journey be any different.  
So all I ask of you wonderful Diamond Dolls, is to keep me accountable! I would love for you to follow along with the updates, make comments, share your tips, ask questions, get involved, or even start your own challenge! Anytime you complete a workout or have a healthy tip to share simply post them on your social media with hashtag #FitNFine. I will be mentioning and featuring some of my most inspiring dolls here on the blog and on my social media. I learn so much about my health on social media it's a great tool. Be sure to Follow my Fitness Inspiration board here on PINTEREST
I hope that in sharing my 8-week challenge with you, you are able to learn something and are inspired to challenge yourself to become fitter, healthier, and happier!
Wish me luck dolls and thank you to all who have supported me this far but this is going to take a village!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bohemian Glam: Denim Jackets & Sheer Maxi Dresses

Hey lovelies, today I'm showing you how to rock the demin jacket BoHo Glam style! Today I paired this wardrobe staple with a comfy sheer black maxi dress, flat sandals and my fav fringe suede purse. I love this look for staying cute and comfy on the go, perfect for shuffling through the airport or having a walk or picnic in the park. 
Love these shades from!
::The FIT::
Denim Jacket: GAP
Maxi Dress: Zara, similar HERE
Bag: Gifted from my beautiful cuzzo Taherra, cute crossbody version HERE
Sandals: Random boutique in Dallas, really like this PAIR
Earrings: Vendor from Natural Hair Expo, LOVE this PAIR

::Shop the LOOK::

I just love the sexy sheer touch to this dress. It's comfy like a Maxi dress but still gives you a bit of sex appeal. Great thing is I can pair any slip dress or bodycon dress underneath to give it that really hot sheer look. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Springtime Staple Series: The Denim Jacket

Hey dolls, when I say I am READY for Spring, I am REEEEEEADY! Here on the East Coast the weather has been up and down. warm then cold but mostly COLD!! From snow to sunshine its been crazy around these parts the last few weeks. This weekend I decided to pull out some of my Spring Favs and create this look perfect for shopping with friends or running weekend errands. It's clean, put together and most of all comfy yet stylish. All of the following items you should have in your wardrobe and if you don't click on the links below and purchase ASAP! In the next few posts I will be showing you dolls my favorite ways to Style a Denim Jacket.
Do you have the following Spring MUST-HAVE items in your wardrobe??? You SHOULD!
3. Lightweight Scarves, I prefer them BRIGHT!

::The FIT::
Jean Jacket: GAP, thrifted
Peplum Top: J.Crew, similar HERE
Jeans: Nordstrom's (old), cute pair HERE
Flats: Aerosoles, Thrifted; lusting this pair HERE
Scarf: GAP, similar
Bag: Zara (old)
Watch: Fossil; Bracelet: Twisted Silver


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Event Recap: CoCo La Rue ONLINE Boutique Launch

Hey dolls, coming to you today with a quick recap of an event I attended yesterday. You dolls know I am a weave addict. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my long extensions, be sure to check out my interview with the Queen of Hair Extensions herself HERE, we chat all things hair I know you will love it. So when I received an invite to the online boutique launch of CoCo La'Rue Hair I was super excited to attend. CoCo La'Rue has launched her online boutique where you can find all types of high quality hair extensions and wigs, be sure to check it out at

The event was at her beautiful salon in Silver Springs, MD where you can get your extensions installed by CoCo herself, view the hair, get your makeup done and even eyelashes installed. It was a beautiful space and surely one to check out if you need any of these services ladies. It's by appointment ONLY so be sure to get in where you fit in! Here are some photos from the event I hope you enjoy. 
This is what I wore to the event, the weather was nice so I couldnt' resist to break out the girls and rock some open toe shoes. My legs and toes have been in desperate need of sunshine and they were happy to make their Spring debut. I got a ton of compliments on my new babies from JustFab. 

::The FIT::
Jacket/Skirt/Bag: Zara; Neon Tank: Forever 21; Necklace: ASOS; Shoes: JustFab
I love that all the hair was on display for you to touch and feel. All hair is sold in 4oz bundles and she has every texture from Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and even Russian hair. 
You dolls know I'm a makeup junkie and was drawn to the CoCo La'Rue makeup line like a moth to a flame. She has everything from foundation to eye pigments to brushes and all products are WOC (women of color) friendly. 

These red velvet CoCo La'Rue Georgetown Cupcakes were positively sinful, I've been avoiding much sugar lately but these things were totally worth the cheat.
CoCo performed LIVE hair demos and this was the finished product. Great work and the hair was truly beautiful and even better installed. 


Monday, March 17, 2014

The Little Red Dress

Hey dolls, coming to you today with a quick outfit from the #lostfiles. These pics are from my Shreveport trip about 2 weeks ago. I have been sick ever since I returned and totally not in the mood to take outfit pics or do anything much besides sleep and take meds. I'm quite over it and this shitty weather already. Come in Spring! Anyway here is a look I wore out to a show and then clubbing with friends. I purchased this dress from LuLu' and it fit perfectly. I felt super sexy with this hot lil red number and deep V-neck, paired with my new leather jacket and leopard Shoedazzle heels I can't wait to repeat this look when the weather gets nicer. 
 The FIT:
Dress: LuLu', similar HERE
Shoes:, would give a rib for this pair HERE
Leather Jacket/Purse: Zara, similar HERE
Necklace: Forever 21


Monday, March 10, 2014

Diamond Discussions: The Queen of Hair Extensions

I am ecstatic to bring you a new feature to the blog today, The Diamond Discussions will be where I bring you advice straight from industry professionals. I can blog all day about what I love, recommend and have experienced but I think there is something much more valid when it comes from a professional. I have had the pleasure of coming across many people in their field whom I admire greatly, with this feature I will sit down with them to chat about things I love. Enjoy!
Today I'm bringing you the inside info on all things Hair Extensions with The Queen of Hair Extensions herself; Zachqulynn Kinney. Zach was my hair stylist when I lived in Shreveport, Louisiana and has been the best that ever SLAYED this head. I admire Zach not only as a super talented stylist who is passionate about her craft and clients but also as a very intelligent business owner and genuinely kind and amazing woman. From the moment I first went to Zach she was thorough, professional and most of all encouraging, I felt comfortable with her and trusted her with my hair. With Zach you are more than a client, you are one of her 10s and everyday she puts her all into making you feel like the 10 you are. While I was in Shreveport last weekend I just knew I had to have her on the blog to pick her brain about all things hair. She is someone I trust completely with my hair and someone whos advice I value 100%. You dolls enjoy and be sure to leave your thoughts or additional questions down below in the comments section!
How did you get started doing hair?
When I was younger I would practice on my own hair; eventually, I started doing the hair of other girls in middle and high school. From there, it was an easy and natural decision to become a hair stylist. 

How did you grow your large, loyal customer base?
It’s been a mix of word-of-mouth and creative advertising. I pride myself on being the best at my craft and providing excellent customer service. My 10s get the best from me, and in return, they tell others about me. 

What makes you the Queen of Hair Extensions? 
My job isn’t complete until I deliver the Perfect 10 hair service , and that’s only half of my goal! You see, when a woman schedules a hair date with me, I don’t want it to be just about getting extensions. I work hard to create new names, new definitions, new ways to make my clients feel special, feel that they are more than JUST customers. They’re my 10s, and I want them to feel just as, if not more, beautiful than that celebrity they admire or that cruel person who broke their heart and made them feel worthless. I don’t want to give my 10s just another hair style. That’s part of it, but that’s not the main picture. I want to build them up to face the world as the beautiful, capable 10s they are. Only a Queen can understand the importance of this aspect of the job. 

What advice would you give to women who are shopping around for a stylist? 
Always do your research. Word-of-mouth is an important tool to use here, but also character and professional references. If a potential stylist is posting about how they don’t want to be at work that day or constantly complaining about clients, you might want to look elsewhere. 

What are you top five MUST-HAVE hair products for women with hair extensions?
  1. Sew-In Spray - Stop patting your hair today! Purchase HERE
  2. It’s a 10! - leave in conditioner
  3. Kinky Curly Not Today
  4. & 5. Paul Mitchell daily moisture shampoo and conditioner

What advice would you give a Diamond Doll on the go who wants to look put together but doesn’t have much time?
For that straight look, wrap your hair at night with a silk satin scarf. For curls, use flexi rods, and sleep with a silk bonnet. 

How do you stay current with the latest trend, and what are some of your favorites?
Every month, I purchase all the new hair magazines, and I follow all the hot social media sites dedicated to hair. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are my favorites. 

What advice would you give to someone who is nervous about trying the latest trends?
By my way of thinking, you only live once, so you need to have fun with it! That said, be smart. If you are the preacher’s wife or the CEO of a major corporation, you might not want to go with the bright red, 30-inch extensions! Sit down with your stylist, and discuss what works best for you. 
What are your top 3 tips for maintaining “celeb-worthy” hair extensions?
Shampoo and condition every two weeks, and use bio silk oil to prevent your hair from drying out. Always comb through your extensions at night, starting from the weft to the ends. Wrap or braid your hair at night to prevent tangling. 

What are some tips you have for maintaining your hair extensions and staying fit?
Well, the same as above, but also, exercise, drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet, and try to get plenty of rest!

How long can I leave my extensions in? 
8 to 10 weeks is recommended if you are trying to grow your natural hair. The max is 3 months, if you have a full weave, the weave may still look good, but your hair underneath is the main concern. Matting, tangling, dreading and believe it or not mold (which leads to hair loss) may be a result if you leave your weave in too long. 

You can find Zach and all her amazing work on Instagram (@QueenofHairExtensions), Facebook and her 100% Virgin Hair and Perfect 10 Sew-In products can be purchased HERE, be sure to check out her out!! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Masquerade Madness

Hey dolls, today's post is going to be a recap of my EPIC Mardi Gras weekend. I spent a few day in good 'ole Shreveport Louisiana to celebrate Mardi Gras and support my favorite-est High Priestess in the whole wide world! I didn't realize how much I missed Louisiana or the South until I got there. I had an absolute blast dolls. I got to see old friends, meet new friends, party, eat good and laugh non-stop. It has been a task and a half to find REAL down to earth, fun loving people let alone friends here in this area so returning to Shreveport and being received with so much LOVE was sooooo needed for me. Check out the pics from the Masquerade Ball I attended. The Krewe of Harambee did the damn thing with this event dolls, it was perfection!
Sorry dolls but this iPhone photo of my dress is the only full length photo I have so it will have to do. I scored this beauty from LuLu' and I am thoroughly impressed by their stuff. I ended up purchasing 7 dress from them (cause you know this girl LOVES options) with the intention of returning a few but NOPE.....I LOVED them all! This one was $57 bucks (don't believe me, see for yourself HERE) and unfortunately didn't get a shot of the wide open back. It was beautiful. 
The Fit:
Dress: LuLu', buy HERE
Shoes: Baker's
Bracelet: Twisted Silver, Etikka
Beat Face:
Eyes: Naked 3 Palette
Lips: Wet n' Wild
Face: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in shade N7
My ride or die. Love this lady and it is my privileged to call her my friend. 
My Beautiful Bonita Boo!! I love this chick dearly yall :-)
Bonita and I with the lady of the night, so proud of her, my girl did her thing on stage! 
I ran into the gorge Melanie at the ball. She was serving Old Hollywood Glam in her beautiful peplum red gown yall! 
If you dolls want a tutorial on this smokey eye look I did for the ball let me know in the comments below!
My poo workin it!! She DID THAT with her performance....all while wearing 5 inch heels...I taught her well yall! *pats self on back*
Toya in her gorgeous purple gown, dolls this pic does this dress no was the perfect princess purple gown. So good meeting you Toya boo, hopefully I'll see ya soon doll! 

 I will share with you all other pics in a later post. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@NajaDiamond) if you  aren't already for my day to day life happenings. 
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