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Operation Fit N' Fine: Join me in my Fitness Journey!

Ok here we go, so it officially begins!      
The 8-Week Operation FIT 'N FINE, "Almost 30, shyt just got REAL", "Team-no-more-gut" Fit Challenge!
I decided that 2014 was the year for change, the year to stop doing the same thing and expecting the same results. It was time I challenged myself and do less talking about it and more being about it to get my body back. I have been very unhappy, uncomfortable and unhealthy lately. One thing is for certain and that is no one can change those 3 things BUT ME!  
So, in comes The 8- Week Challenge…why 8 weeks you ask?? Well that's because in about 8 weeks and some change I will be the big 3-0 YES, that's right I will be joining the dirty 30 club. Time to get things tight and right before age and time doesn't give me a choice. 
So with that I have decided to challenge myself and invite you dolls to join me and keep me accountable. With not too long until Summer and from reading my Facebook and Instagram feeds I see a lot of you dolls are on your own journey as well. Let's encourage each other! 
After an epic fail at hiring a trainer to guide me on my journey and countless fad diets I have decided to go about this the good 'ole fashion way. Exercise and Clean Eating. I know ground breaking right? No quick fixes, no trainers, no miracle shakes, no super expensive gym memberships or classes just plain old exercise and not eating crap. I have been taking to the Internet and finding recipes/meal plans/fitness routines that will work for me, my schedule and fitness level without breaking the bank. I will share them with you here and on my YouTube channel so I hope you will find value in them on your own journey.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about this challenge, and my goals I hope to reach in these next 8 weeks.
The Challenge:
Over the next 8 weeks I have tailored a diet that while isn't perfect is a great start – specific to my goals. The plan is to eat 6 meals per day, which I prep weekly totally no more than 1400 calories per day. This will help maximize my metabolism and provide my body with the appropriate macro nutrient amounts to develop lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass.
Since my activity level has been completely inconsistent and pitiful, the plan is to exercise 5 days per week, with 2 resting days. Each day of exercise I will focus on a variety of resistance training exercises specific to a particular body part incorporating at least 30-60 mins of cardio. Now because I get bored easily I will be switching this up as I please. I do have a plan I will be using as a guide but my gym has a really great boot camp class that does an awesome leg workout 2 days a week. I will swap out this class for leg days at times. As I progress through the challenge so will my diet and training – it will be necessary  to continue to challenge myself as I grow stronger and get closer to my goals.
I will check my weight on a weekly basis so I can monitor my progress, and post them periodically throughout the challenge! I will be taking measurements at the beginning, 4 week point and when I hit the 8 week mark. 
Here is a little sneak peak of where I am and where I'm trying to go. I'm not trying to be super skinny, I'm not made like that but 30 pounds is a lot on a shortie like me even if you don't see a HUGE difference in these pictures. 
My Goals:
My main goal during this challenge will be to reduce belly fat, increase my endurance, energy level and stamina. Overall, I'd like to lose 30 pounds (not in 8 weeks, I understand that will take some time) decrease my blood sugar (yes, that is an issue for me....more to come on that later) and ultimately be sexy as HELL! Well, Duh!

My biggest obstacle with this challenge will be my diet. As prior military and athlete I am no stranger to working out and strenuous workouts but food, now that's different. I LOVE me some food yall and all of the bad stuff. If it is fried, sweet, salty or greasy I probably will take two of them at a restaurant. Yes, restaurant or fast food joint because I rarely cook, I actually like to cook but I don't like the production of it all. To be honest if you knew how I ate on a daily basis you would think I was 300 pounds. I am disrespectful when it comes to food dolls. My solution is preparation. I am currently working in the office with a new client so bringing my lunch and snacks to work is essential. I have been doing good the last few weeks planning my meals but need to curb the cravings and maintain my discipline to not succumb to them. 

I will be posting an update regularly including info such as workout ideas, recipes, examples of what I eat in a day, and of course PROGRESS PICTURES and stats, and I may even do updates that talk about the challenges I come across, because we all know, this isn’t going to be easy!!!
Shyt Gets Real:
My reason for wanting to do this and blog about it for the world to see....EEEEKK! accountability. I'm hoping that with your support and encouragement it will be like I have a ton of workout buddies to get me through this journey.This is so important right now because after a recent trip to the doctor stuff got real. Doctors orders are to lose at least 30 pounds, at just 5 feet 1 inches I weighed in at a whopping 176 lbs.....say whaaaa!!! That is not OK for someone at my height and frame with NO history of obesity in my family. I was also told to cut out sugars as much as possible as my blood work shows me as pre-diabetic (Yup, scary) and I need to take additional vitamins to supplement the severe vitamin D deficiency found in my blood work. I will be 30 in June and these are not the kind of conversations I feel I should be having with my doctor. I been starting to think about babies and in my current condition I was told I need to take care of these things first. WOW, talk about a wake-up call. I received that news almost 2 months ago and my habits have improved but not enough, it's much much harder than I imagined. I still slack on my workouts and sneak in a Pepsi and cookies here and there.  Habits are hard to break and sugar is addicting so this will take time. Luckily for me I have my blog and wonderful Diamond Dolls that support me everyday so why would this health journey be any different.  
So all I ask of you wonderful Diamond Dolls, is to keep me accountable! I would love for you to follow along with the updates, make comments, share your tips, ask questions, get involved, or even start your own challenge! Anytime you complete a workout or have a healthy tip to share simply post them on your social media with hashtag #FitNFine. I will be mentioning and featuring some of my most inspiring dolls here on the blog and on my social media. I learn so much about my health on social media it's a great tool. Be sure to Follow my Fitness Inspiration board here on PINTEREST
I hope that in sharing my 8-week challenge with you, you are able to learn something and are inspired to challenge yourself to become fitter, healthier, and happier!
Wish me luck dolls and thank you to all who have supported me this far but this is going to take a village!!


  1. Good luck on your challenge! I love Pepsi and Oreo's and still have one on occasions when the mood strikes, lol. I have been a vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian for the last three years and it was the best decision I have ever made. Last year I incorporated weight training daily and that just made me feel even better. I absolutely love working out. I hate waking up at 4:30am everyday but afterwards I feel so energized. It makes me happy to challenge myself and notice how my body has changed and how strong I've become. Just this morning I was able to squat 165 pounds which is just 6 pounds of my body weight! Can't wait to see your updates.

  2. I'm in! I'm past dirty 30 and have had those same exact health conversations. While I have made phenomenal progress re the blood sugar issues, I lack consistency in working out and eating on time.

    I bought myself some "take to work dishes" this past weekend; I figure setting my desk up with real dishes and cutlery is an added incentive to eat right at work. I'm also doing some home organization which includes having an extra countertop put in in this tiny NYC closet apt I live in to help me with food prepping. It'll also give me space to get my juicer out of the box and onto the counter.

    I'll start this week with you but I'll start posting on my blog by the weekend!!!

  3. THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE TURNING 30?!!! I couldn't even read past that line I immediately came down to comment ... you look SOO GOOD! I would never ...I'm still not sure if I believe you lol. WOW!! ..I started my #Froflex page so that I can hold myself accountable for eating healthy and working out. I'll be sure to hashtag #fitnfine :)

    Maggie A

  4. Great minds think alike!! My fitness & healthy recipes board on Pinterest is called "Fit & Fine!" I'll be 35 in July and it's just TIME to make some changes!! So...yes, I'll be here helping hold you accountable and doing the same for myself! (PS I hope this isn't my first comment! If so, I'm officially out of "lurker" status!)

    We can do this!!


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