Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Style Salute: TSgt Achantee Ogburn

Morning loves, hope your week is off to a great start. I'm working on my consistency and creating and manageable posting schedule for the blog, so bare with me if things seem a little random at times. 

Today, I'm coming to you with a loooooong overdue #StyleSalute post. Today we have the lovely TSgt Achantee Ogburn stationed to an Air Force Reserves unit out of Langley, VA. Achantee did 8 years active duty before transitioning to the Reserves in 2010. Her time in the military has taken her all over from Illinois to Balad, Iraq and currently studying for her next promotion to MSgt. Achantee and I go all the way back to high school but we were stationed together at our first base at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. I wanted to feature Achantee today because she is a FAB wife and mommy all while keeping it tight and right and staying fly at the same damn time. I love amazing women who wear multiple hats in a fierce way! Achantee doll, I SALUTE you, keep being amazing!
How Achantee describes her style: "I came a long way in regards to fashion. I used to be a tom boy, with sweats, sneakers and the whole nine. When I got to high school is when I started to be more girly and care about my fashion. And even since then, I came a LONG way. I would describe my personal style as conservative, but trendy." 
Achantee enjoys shopping, cooking, working out, and in the near future plans on becoming a personal trainer. Well I can tell by your pics girlie your hard work is paying off, please feel free to join me and chime in with all your great advice for my Operation: Fit 'N Fine Challenge! I need all the help I can get girl. 



  1. Achantee!!!!! Looking like a bombshell!!! Gone head girl

  2. Amazing!! Shes gorgeous!!


  3. Congrats Achantee!! Keep up the good work. I may have to use your services when you become a personal trainer. I will probably be your biggest challenge!!


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