Thursday, April 3, 2014

Painless Spring Closet Cleanout

Hey dolls, I don't know about you but with the weather breaking recently I am in the mood to shop! I can't wait to hit the stores and fill my closet with pretty pastels, flirty florals and basics in cool white tones. It was perfect timing when Morgan from reached out to me to share her spring closet cleaning tips. Check out her article below where she shares her super helpful tips! I know I will.
Springtime Lust List

1. White Vest, a true Spring/Summer wardrobe staple. I'm still kind of surprised I don't own one.
2. Pastel Statement Jewelry: Love THIS piece from J.Crew
3. Pretty Floral Tops.
4. Obsessed with these Alexander McQueen sunnies
6. Lots and lots of backpacks....I literally want them in every color
7. This Panama hat is the perfect topper this Spring, found mine at Target for 17 bucks! I have a large head so I wear a Men's L/XL....don't judge me ya'll LOL
8. I want these Zara beauties but scared my ankles might be too thick.....I think I'll take the chance, they are just too damn sexy!
9. Flirty Floral tea dresses are just too darn cute and girlie....I want them all, THIS one is one is a FAV
10. Striped button ups are super versatile and clean and fresh. Before the fire I owned one from Brooks Brother and I was obsessed with it, THIS one is a great replacement.

Painless Spring Closet Cleanout by Morgan of
Spring is on its way, so it’s a great time of year to clean out your closet. The spring fashions are showing up on sales racks, and your pastels are waiting to burst out of storage. But spring closet cleaning can cause a lot of stress – which clothes to keep, and which to throw away? How will you store those bulky winter sweaters? Weeding your wardrobe usually isn’t much fun, but there are ways to add some perk to the process.

Embrace your artistic side
A closet overhaul doesn’t have to be a downer. When you’re shifting your wardrobe to spring clothes, undertake a few craft projects to enhance your closet organization. I felt really inspired to develop a fun process after stumbling across this RedEnvelope checklist. A little art will brighten your spirits as you wait for winter to (finally) end. Plus, making some crafty closet organizers will improve the look and layout of your clothing in time for spring. For example, these see-through shoeboxes are cute, simple, and will help you avoid the dreaded shoe-pile.

Be creative with your storage space
One of the biggest spring cleanout challenges is finding a good way to store your winter threads. This is particularly difficult if you live in a small apartment. Bulky storage bins are easy, but they take up a lot of space. One solution is using shallow plastic bins that can fit under your bed. Alternatively, utilize your blank wall space by turning your storage into unique art. Ideas like wall-mounted crates are functional and fashionable. Plus, it gives you easy access to your cold weather clothes, in case of a spring chill.

Make it an event
Sorting through clothes can be really difficult, especially if you’re like me and get attached to certain outfits. All the debating seems to take forever. Cut down on this stress by inviting a few of your girlfriends over for the sorting. Blast some fun music and model different items for your friends. They will help you say “yea” or “nay” with efficiency (and entertainment). You’ll find yourself laughing through the whole process – it’ll be over before you know it!

Don’t Forget Charity
Once you’ve sorted through all your clothes, there will inevitably be some things in the “discard” pile. But rather than throw them away, use the opportunity to build some good karma. There are tons of options for donating your old clothes. National organizations like the Salvation Army accept clothing donations, but there are many other charities as well. For example, Dress for Success provides professional attire for low-income women looking to build their careers. And for those clothes that are too raggedy to donate, cut them up to make rags for household cleaning. A well-worn t-shirt is a great tool for buffing your car to a perfect shine.

These are just a few examples of how you can add some fun and energy to your spring cleaning. Don’t let the challenge daunt you! It can be really invigorating and refreshing to clean out your closet. Just think – spring is on its way, and your closet will be ready. Bright colors, warm weather, and blooming flowers are just around the corner. 

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