Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sexy Nun.....or Naaaah?

Hey loves, today I'm coming to you with a look inspired by one of my FAV bloggers Blair of Atlantic Pacific. Sometimes you have pieces in your wardrobe that need a good remix. I love scouring other blogs for fashion inspiration. I keep them all on my Pintrest board HERE, be sure to follow me dolls! I love repinning what inspires me. 

This look reminds me of a sexy nun. I suppose it's the black and white and high collar top. I love it when such simple pieces come together perfectly. 
The Fit:
Dress: TJMaxx, similar HERE
Button Down: Forever 21, similar HERE
Heels: H by Halston, leather version HERE
Bag: Vintage Dooney & Burke
Trench: Banana Republic, cute one HERE
Lippie: ELF Matte Lippie in Rich Red
If you lovelies are looking for a perfect matte red lippie that's not drying or incredibly expensive then I recommend you check out E.L.F Matte Lippie in Rich Red. Did I mention it's only 3 bucks!! It is a new fav of mine! It last all day and doesn't dry my lips out like MAC's Ruby Woo. 
Shop This Look:


Monday, January 27, 2014

Style Salute: SSgt Jennifer Whittaker

Hey dolls, Happy Monday!! I think I'll call this Military Monday's and post the StyleSalute feature every couple week's. I'm still working on my posting schedule so thank you for your patience dolls.

Today we are featuring my girl Jennifer Whitaker, a USAF Flight attendant residing in the Tampa, FL area. I'm so excited to feature Jen because not only is she stylish but she's a fellow Air Force chick and former CE troop like myself! Me and  Jen go way back to our technical school days. We came in the military with the same job and enjoyed Texas while learning the ropes. Those were good times indeed and I always enjoy connecting with those from my past.

Jen currently travels the world as a flight attendant to some of the most exotic and exciting places. She has been stationed in Hawaii, Germany and now Tampa, FL and have enjoyed traveling to places like Australia, Europe, Asia....you name it she's probably been there.  I have so many friends that are flight attendants in the Air Force its crazy. I'm convinced if I stayed in the service I would have had to cross-train to that job. I'm so jelly of my jet-setting friends!

When Jen isn't flying the friendly skies she's in the kitchen cooking and baking up a storm. I literally salivate at her food pics she posts on Facebook. I mean girlfriend gets DOWN in the kitchen! She also enjoys decorating her gorgeous home, if she was a lil closer to me I would totally hire her to hook up my place.

Join me in giving a HUGE #StyleSalute to Jennifer dolls!! Jennifer I salute you doll for your service and your style. Stay fabulous love!
Mouth is watering right now just writing this post, SMH! #SheDidThat 


Monday, January 20, 2014

Bad Ass in Beanies and Booties

Hey dolls, coming to you today with a quick outfit post. I decided to check out the roof of my building and loved the view for pics. Not sure if it was the parking lot grunge feel, the view or my new beautiful booties but I was feeling pretty bad a$$ taking these pics. I paired by cropped quilted sweatshirt and black mini skirt to show off my new Rebecca Minkoff La Roux beauties in black glazed suede. I desperately needed a new black bootie to replace my beloved Alexander Wang pair seen HERE and HERE and came across this pair on sale. I can't wait to rock the hell outta these booties so be prepared to see them a lot.
The FIT:
Cropped Sweatshirt: ASOS
Skirt: Zara
Booties: Rebecca Minkoff La Roux Black Glazed Suede
Beanie: Target
Necklace: Forever21
Lippie: Elf Matte Lip Color Pencil in Rich Red

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Lovely Lady Humps

Hey dolls, in today's post I'm embracing my lovely lady humps. I have to admit this look was inspired by this Hermes` runway 2013/2014 look. It feels good to be inspired once again enough to get dressed up and take pics. I will admit I have been having some MAJOR body issues dolls lately, more than ever in my life but more on that subject in another post.

Today I'm loving my look and embracing all this good curvy thickness. I thrifted this gorgeous silk shirt a looooong time ago and never wore it because it was too big and didn't fit me right. Good thing I don't throw much away. This tweed pencil skirt was gifted lifted from my mom's closet a while ago as well.....and although the skirt was a bit tight around the waist I feel it fit just right around my hips and thighs. This look is super lady like, powerful and sexy in my opinion. Its a perfect look for the office....can you say CEO material!! I'm learning to dress this new body of mine and learning to accept it and love it while I do.
It's been a while since I had a hard time choosing my favorite photos....Loved them all! Lovin my lovely lady humps over on the blog today!

The FIT:
Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket:Target (old, option HERE)
Skirt: Acquired from Ma Dukes Closet, similar HERE and HERE 
Necklace: ASOS (HERE, similar HERE
Bag/Heels: JustFab
Sunnies: Joyce Leslie 3 for 10 bucks, love this PAIR


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Makeup Requires Good Skin

Hey loves, when it comes to a flawlessly BEAT face I strongly believe it requires a good base, your skin. You take care of it and it will take care of  you. Now I understand that some are just born with nice skin while others not so much and have to work for it. After plenty of trial and error I have come to terms with my skin and feel I understand her pretty well. I'm a dove soap and water kinda girl typically, with the exception of this winter. As an oily skin gal for some reason my skin is pretty dry and somewhat flaky lately, which can make for a messy makeup application.

When Refinery 29 reached out for me to try the new Clearasil Daily Clear line I was super excited. For one 1. I LOVE trying new products and for 2 any help for my struggling skin is welcomed. :-) I received the Refeshing Superfruit line and I must say I am truly impressed. I have been using it for a few days now and not only did it clear up a pesky lil pimple that's been annoying me for days but it has exfoliated all that dead skin I was having that left my skin feeling dry and dull.  My skin feels super soft and smooth and has it's glow back, leaving me ready to #WinTheDay!

I did find that using all three products can dry your skin out a bit leaving it a lil tight but I followed up with a good moisturizer and was good to go. Clearasil was kind enough to offer you Diamond Dolls a free rebate offer HERE!! Please take advantage of the rebate loves....it's FREE!

Instagrammy!!! @NajaDiamond
I used the pads to ensure all my makeup was removed and the wash to clean all the dirt and particles away and finished up with the scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin away. I must say that Superfruit scrub is my fav and left my skin feelin like butta baby! 

NOTE: Although these products were sent to me and I was compensated for this post all comments and opinions are my own. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Style Salute: 1LT Brandi Alston

Yes I know it's been a while and I have been a complete slacker on this feature I LOVE oh so much. But sometimes life gets in the way and iiish happens. So with that, we're BACK with the weekly #StyleSalute feature with 1LT Brandi Alston! 

Brandi is from Charleston, SC and is a Nurse in the USAF stationed in Germany. She has traveled Europe and Japan and just LOVES fashion. I can tell from the pics Brandi is a showstopper wherever she goes I mean check out those sleeves in the pic in front of the Eifel Tower.....JUST FAB! She's certainly not afraid to take fashion risks and show her fun and funky style. Any chick that can rock combat boots, stilettos and J's all at the SAME DAMN TIME gets a Salute from me! 
Can we please talk about this HOT BOD thou.....girl you betta WERK! And shoot me over your exercise and diet routine while your at it {No, but I'm serious thou ;-)}
Brandi says "I've been able to travel the world, met some amazing people, and have cared for wounded troops all over the world, BUT in my next life I'd definitely be a stylist for the everyday working woman on a limited budget."
Homegirl can style me anyday.....preferably in this fur sleeved tee and dope a$$ shades....jus sayin! 
 Ladies please join me in giving a big #StyleSalute to Brandi and let me know what you think of her style below!! 


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Days are the Best Days

There is something about snow days that I absolutely love. When it snows I somehow don't mind the cold or frost. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact I work from home, park in a covered garage and don't have a sidewalk to shovel, lol. Since the snowy weather doesn't get in my way much I'm able to appreciate the beauty of it much more these days. I'm sure that will change if I ever buy a house on a corner lot.

It motivated me enough to get up and get out to take some pics, I decided to take my fav chunky Pendleton sweater out for a spin. With the layers it was honestly all I needed to stay hella cozy.
The Fit:
Sweater: Pendleton, different color HERE
Plaid Shirt: Zara
Booties: Alexander Wang (old) similar HERE
Scarf: Old Navy, similar HERE
Beanie: Target, similar HERE

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