Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Days are the Best Days

There is something about snow days that I absolutely love. When it snows I somehow don't mind the cold or frost. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact I work from home, park in a covered garage and don't have a sidewalk to shovel, lol. Since the snowy weather doesn't get in my way much I'm able to appreciate the beauty of it much more these days. I'm sure that will change if I ever buy a house on a corner lot.

It motivated me enough to get up and get out to take some pics, I decided to take my fav chunky Pendleton sweater out for a spin. With the layers it was honestly all I needed to stay hella cozy.
The Fit:
Sweater: Pendleton, different color HERE
Plaid Shirt: Zara
Booties: Alexander Wang (old) similar HERE
Scarf: Old Navy, similar HERE
Beanie: Target, similar HERE



  1. In the snow with your heels! You rock it girl!

  2. love this look and while i love the snow too, its the freezing cold that breaks a girl down LOL

    1. Girl, I feel you on that, it's when the wind gets involved that I don't like. lol

  3. Super cute and comfy. Oh how I miss the snow (sometimes). Happy New Year. Just discovered your blog. New follower. xoxo

  4. you look stylish, sexy, and warm! :)


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