Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Makeup Requires Good Skin

Hey loves, when it comes to a flawlessly BEAT face I strongly believe it requires a good base, your skin. You take care of it and it will take care of  you. Now I understand that some are just born with nice skin while others not so much and have to work for it. After plenty of trial and error I have come to terms with my skin and feel I understand her pretty well. I'm a dove soap and water kinda girl typically, with the exception of this winter. As an oily skin gal for some reason my skin is pretty dry and somewhat flaky lately, which can make for a messy makeup application.

When Refinery 29 reached out for me to try the new Clearasil Daily Clear line I was super excited. For one 1. I LOVE trying new products and for 2 any help for my struggling skin is welcomed. :-) I received the Refeshing Superfruit line and I must say I am truly impressed. I have been using it for a few days now and not only did it clear up a pesky lil pimple that's been annoying me for days but it has exfoliated all that dead skin I was having that left my skin feeling dry and dull.  My skin feels super soft and smooth and has it's glow back, leaving me ready to #WinTheDay!

I did find that using all three products can dry your skin out a bit leaving it a lil tight but I followed up with a good moisturizer and was good to go. Clearasil was kind enough to offer you Diamond Dolls a free rebate offer HERE!! Please take advantage of the rebate's FREE!

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I used the pads to ensure all my makeup was removed and the wash to clean all the dirt and particles away and finished up with the scrub to exfoliate all the dead skin away. I must say that Superfruit scrub is my fav and left my skin feelin like butta baby! 

NOTE: Although these products were sent to me and I was compensated for this post all comments and opinions are my own. 


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