Monday, January 27, 2014

Style Salute: SSgt Jennifer Whittaker

Hey dolls, Happy Monday!! I think I'll call this Military Monday's and post the StyleSalute feature every couple week's. I'm still working on my posting schedule so thank you for your patience dolls.

Today we are featuring my girl Jennifer Whitaker, a USAF Flight attendant residing in the Tampa, FL area. I'm so excited to feature Jen because not only is she stylish but she's a fellow Air Force chick and former CE troop like myself! Me and  Jen go way back to our technical school days. We came in the military with the same job and enjoyed Texas while learning the ropes. Those were good times indeed and I always enjoy connecting with those from my past.

Jen currently travels the world as a flight attendant to some of the most exotic and exciting places. She has been stationed in Hawaii, Germany and now Tampa, FL and have enjoyed traveling to places like Australia, Europe, name it she's probably been there.  I have so many friends that are flight attendants in the Air Force its crazy. I'm convinced if I stayed in the service I would have had to cross-train to that job. I'm so jelly of my jet-setting friends!

When Jen isn't flying the friendly skies she's in the kitchen cooking and baking up a storm. I literally salivate at her food pics she posts on Facebook. I mean girlfriend gets DOWN in the kitchen! She also enjoys decorating her gorgeous home, if she was a lil closer to me I would totally hire her to hook up my place.

Join me in giving a HUGE #StyleSalute to Jennifer dolls!! Jennifer I salute you doll for your service and your style. Stay fabulous love!
Mouth is watering right now just writing this post, SMH! #SheDidThat 


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