Monday, October 7, 2019

Makeup Monday's: ABH x Jackie Aina Palette Review

Good Morning Dolls!

Happy Monday to you, I hope you had a great weekend and day is off to a good start so far. I wanted to come to you today with a beauty post. I'm still getting my footing with my blogging schedule. I'm thinking makeup/beauty on Monday, Fashion/Shopping on Wednesday and Lifestyle on Friday's. Let us see how this works but putting it out there to hold myself to it. With that being said please let me know down below what products you would like to see on the blog. I've been really into skincare, haircare and makeup as always so I will consider all those on a Monday. 

So today we will chat about the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Jackie Aina palette! I purchased this palette as soon as it dropped but just now talking about it. I have been a fan of Jackie Aina since her Army days. When she collaborated with ABH and seen this palette I knew I had to support because's GORGEOUS!!

14 shades that are perfection for women of color and FALL, I just couldn't resist. I can easily see this being my go to palette for the season and really going forward. All ABH shades are typically super creamy and easy to blend and this palette does not disappoint. I also love this palette include a nice sized mirror and brush that's actually GOOD! 
Purchase HERE:
So these beauty posts I'm still figuring out dolls. If you want to know something specific for these posts please let me know and I'll make sure I capture them in future posts. Do you want to see swatches (I plan on doing that in the future, btw), step by step tutorials, a quick video attached etc. That's all I have for today so thank you for spending time with me, I hope you have an amazing day!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

5 Things You Need To STOP Today! I AM!

Happy Sunday dolls! I can't remember the last time I posted on a Sunday but here we are, just going with it. I promise I'll get to the good beauty and fashion content soon, for now I feel like chatting. So if you follow me on Instagram you know I took a ME day yesterday. A day where I spend the day doing some self-care inside and outside. Never forget to do the hard inner work while getting the exterior together as well. During that time the following 5 things kept coming up and I've decided I'm giving them up today, NOW, right NOW!

What I'm Wearing:
Jeans: Levi's
Pearl Headband: Amazon

1. Negative Self-Talk
I talked about this in my last post HERE and has been something I'm constantly working on. I think it's easier said than done because we tend to be our own worst critics. Being positive and speaking life into YOU is essential to your happiness. Period. The world is harsh enough without us adding to it. One question I would ask myself is would you tell your closest friend the things you tell yourself. The answer is always an unequivocal NO. I can be a pretty blunt person but I'm not cruel, never cruel. The things I have said to myself have be just downright cruel at times. That iiish stops NOW!

2. Trying To Be Understood by Those Who Are Committed to Misunderstanding You
Are you friends with people that make you think twice about your own character? I don't mean in a constructive, honest, make you better, real but loving way either. I mean in a way that they try to make you out to be a bad person or feel shit about yourself for no reason kind of way. I am the QUEEN of purges ya'll, I will un-cousin, un-friend, un-boyfriend, un-family you real quick! For this reason I don't have many people in my circle that fall into this category, but because I'm so sensitive with energies I'm quick to notice it. Listen, get rid of people you find having to explain your inner character to constantly. That person doesn't understand nor truly wants to understand you. I am human and have moments but if you base a MOMENT I shared with you on my entire character and you've know me for years, then that is YOUR misunderstanding of me as a person and NOT my problem. Just because you do one bad thing doesn't make you a bad person and middle finger to anyone that tries to tell you you are! F them Sis, you know your heart that's all that matters. STOP explaining yourself, PERIOD. 

3. Putting Any Ole Thing in my Body
Ya'll, this one is hard. My diet these days is one of the HARDEST things for me to get ahold of. I mean I eat ALL the things, everything I know I shouldn't but do it anyway. This is something that will simply need to be mind over matter and a true test of discipline but I can do it. My issue is my addiction to sugar (Coca-Cola) and fast food. I mean the stuff doesn't even taste good (except Chick-fil-A, Chick-fil-A is bae!) but for some reason I continue to eat the stuff. I have a beautiful kitchen and all the tools, cookbooks and food so there is no excuse. So what's the plan? Good question…it's simple. Start small and meal prep Mon-Fri and allow the bad stuff on the weekends. I don't want to be too strict and then get into a cycle of beating myself up when I'm not perfect. Nope. Start small, have grace with myself but be prepared. Most of my bad eating habit come from not being prepared with things easily available at home. Because everything needs to be chopped or defrosted I take the quick and cheap route instead. No bueno, do better Naja. I would love to be in a place where I eat mostly organic and eat at home 90% of the time. I'm actually a pretty good cook and don't mind it so I would ideally do that more. My goals are to try new recipes, eat whole foods, actually enjoy vegetables and NEVER pick up a Coca-Cola again. (Seriously, that stuff is the DEVIL!)

4. Going Out the House Looking Crazy
So we touched on this is THIS post about not having anything to wear. Here's the thing, that's a bold faced lie that ALL women tell ourselves when we have nothing we WANT to wear AT THAT TIME. Closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Uh hun, sure Sis. Listen, this point isn't even about that. If I'm honest I just fell into a depression and didn't give a F*CK! I simply didn't care that the sweatpants I threw on to run to the store had a hole and 3 stains on them. Or that I haven't put on a stitch of makeup or plucked a single brow in a month at least. Mind you I work from home so this is not uncommon for me. This stops now. Even though I don't work in an office or have anywhere "special" to go I still have to show up for MYSELF everyday! If you wouldn't present this person to your worst enemy or to your boss on Monday morning why present it to yourself on a daily? My goal is to get dressed as if I'm going into the office daily. Dress Code: Elevated casual. I will keep you guys posted on this in future posts. I think it will be fun to do a weekly roundup of my outfits. Not only to keep myself accountable to this goal but as a fashion diary to look back on. I remember when Cupcakes and Cashmere started doing this YEARS ago and I really enjoyed it.

5. Saying NO to Everything That Doesn’t Reside in my SAFE Place.
I rarely say YES to things outside of my comfort zone. Like hardly ever. I realized this is the case in most things as of late. I think this is perfectly acceptable in things you know doesn't align with your vibe, goals, lifestyle etc. But then there are times when you have to step outside your normal and safe comfort zone in order to grow. I once had a guy stop me at a red light (we were both driving) to ask me for my number. He went on to explain that he had just seen me at the local store but he was just leaving the gym and felt unsuitable to approach me. He promised he wasn’t following me and instead took us both being beside each other at this red light as his second chance to ask me out. He politely asked for my number and if he could take me out sometime throwing in the fact that he looks totally different outside of gym clothes. Y’all the light turned green and I panicked. I politely said thank you for the kind gesture but I wasn’t interested and drove off. Doh! 🤦🏾‍♀️ So let me tell you why I regret that moment. I truly believe in what’s meant to be will be and all that Jazz however (comma), -Yes, The comma after however is said out loud. I said NO to that man not because I didn’t want to say YES or I was uninterested. I regret that because the situation and scenario in which he asked me was not one I had experience with or thought to be “ideal”. I’m annoyed at myself because I didn't step outside of my comfort zone and say yes to the awkward proposal. It was not a bad gesture, he didn't hit me with that YO, MA  LET ME HOLLA ATCHU line, he was nice, respectful, complimentary and honest but I had this differently idea of how he "should" have asked me out and said no. In hind sight that was stupid and not even that deep, who knows what that could have led to. I'm ashamed to say I have many stories like that.

So there you have it, 5 things I'm giving up right NOW! What are some things you need to give up? No better time like today to start living how you know you should. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Style Update: Am I even a Fashion Blogger anymore?!

So you call yourself a fashion blogger? Then what happened to the fashion posts? Why you don’t take pictures anymore?? 🤔

Ya'll listen, these are the questions I have been asking myself for some time now.  This internal dialogue has been on repeat for me for years honestly. I deemed September my #SelfCareSeptember and sat myself down to answer those ongoing questions. I needed to answer them so I can move forward. The insane part is I've been stuck in the same cycle for far too long. 

So when I truly sat down to ask myself those questions. The answers were simple, I don't take and post fashion pictures anymore because I don't have anything to wear. I don't have anything to wear because I haven't bought anything I feel comfortable in besides sweatpants in ages. I haven't bought anything besides sweatpants because I'm unhappy with my body. BOOM, there it is!! You are unhappy with your weight so you don't shop or put the effort into your appearance the way you used to. This size (she a 16 ya'll) has me feeling like I don't look right in certain clothes. Or shall I say clothes I USED to wear. A new body will require new clothes and perhaps a new style. Certainly a new appreciation for your shape, Naja. 

Then I took this one-on-one conversation a bit further and asked myself how can we work past this and fix it? Then myself said to myself clear as day….."Love me through it and be patient". BOOM, there it is again!! Listen, the easy answer would have been to say "Lose weight" but the truth is I've tried it and then failed and then felt worst and beat myself up even more. At the end of the day ya'll, Naja is tired of fighting with NAJA! It's a battle that will only be won with kindness and patience. Period. So then I said to me was, "What you have the power to do in this moment is CHOOSE to love yourself at any size. You can CHOOSE to work out or NOT workout but either way you need to love yourself the same." 🤯 Now don't get me wrong, I won't take all the credit. People have been telling me this FOREVER, my mom included. But it really doesn't matter coming from anyone but ME. The message hit different when it's from you to you boo. 

So I went out and did this thing. Actually I opened my laptop and did this thing, me and dressing room mirrors don't get along! 😠 I went shopping, I bought clothes that I thought were cute and were in MY size. Say whaaaattt! I know, I know. #groundbreaking Even better, I actually liked them, felt cute and best of all felt confident. Fashion was back to putting a smile on my face like it used to and I couldn't be happier. I will say that it requires a LOT more patience and looking to find what I like but retailers like Rainbow, Ashley Stewart and Eloquii make it easier to find. I'll do another post on my favorite Plus Size retailers because Rainbow had me shook, but for now just know that she's getting the hang of this thing.

So back to my original question. Are you still a Fashion Blogger?? The answer in short is yes and no. My interest have grown far beyond fashion over here on my little space on the internet and I plan on sharing them all. My first love is still Fashion but Beauty and Home Décor is a close second. I also want to share more lifestyle things as well. This could be everything from what I'm loving at Trader Joe's at the moment, my love for photography and even my mental health or wellness journey. So more lifestyle topics are on the way and technically you can say I'm a Lifestyle Blogger.

In the meantime, to ya'll reading this, please be nice to yourself, seriously. You don't deserve half the crap you routinely give yourself. Be KIND to YOU because she is listening to what you tell her. Have a great and amazing week!

What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Ashley Stewart in size XL, similar HERE
Jeans: Levi's wedgie fit in size 16
Heels: Rebecca Minkoff Mules, HERE

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Fall Home Tour 2019 #DiamondDomaine

Hey guys, it's me, the blogger formally known as Naja Diamond. Lol let me stop, no but seriously it's been a while but I'm here to show you a glimpse into my home, #DiamondDomaine. Decorating my home is one of my favorite things to do. My home is my happy place and safe haven and somewhere I spend waaaay too much time in. lol, no seriously someone come get me out this house! I've gotten the itch to just CHANGE IT ALL recently. Like, I want new furniture, rip up carpets, paint walls…..ALL OF THE THINGS! But for now I just decided to add pumpkins, lotssss of pumpkins. LOL, enjoy and stay tuned the next year for all the new changes coming to Diamond Domaine. 

So this year, I have been seeing velvet pumpkins everywhere. And honestly I love the luxx elevated look of them. In the past I've went the Halloween-y décor route but this year I wanted something more simple and classic and less cartoon-y. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Halloween but lately I'm really looking to invest in more timeless, elevated décor. So I set out on the hunt for these gorgeous velvet pumpkins, I was determined yall. I found some at The Christmas Tree store, Target dollar spot and Michael's. Not gonna lie, I want more….like a lot more but this is what my home looks like so far. I will leave links where you can find similar items and I would love to know what some of your fav home décor trends are at the moment?
I purchased this fillable vase for my entryway some time ago and I honestly had no true intention to fill it until this season. I found these mini pumpkins at Michael's and I knew just what to do with them. 
Ya'll I have fallen for the festive scented cleaning supplies! 😩😩 WHO AM I! Hate to admit it but this stuff is BOMB, like real bomb. Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider scented lines is yummy. It actually works with less harsh chemicals and it smells like Fall in a bottle. 
For my dining area I tried something new with these Marimekko Anniversary edition placemats. Picked these up from Target recently and I couldn't be more smitten. The problem is outside of this time of year they truly don't go with anything else in my house. Lol, anyone else lack complete self control for pretty thangs. I'm still shuffling this setup around hence the mixed matched plates but I like how it's coming along so far.


Monday, June 24, 2019

5 Solo Travel TIPS you MUST know NOW!

Travel Fit: Comfy, cute and simple. Don't be a target and wear anything that screams TOURIST!
Hi dolls! Long time no post. I know it's been a while but I thought what better way to start back blogging than to bring you along my birthday trip to Tulum, Mexico. It was a super last minute trip, I ended up rolling solo and it was the absolute BEST trip ever! Never be afraid to travel solo, life waits on no (wo)man and you never know what's in store for you on that next adventure!

My advice to anyone that desires to travel on their own will always be, DO IT, DO IT NOW!

However, I do have a few tips and tricks to do it safely and without incident.

1.  Do your research of the area.
Have a plan of where you want to go and understand the different modes of transportation. When you are lost do your best to NOT look like it. Ask your hotel the best way to get to the Hotel or for directions around the area. I typically trust them more than a stranger on the street. Quick story, when I arrived in Rome I had a Taxi try to charge me 100 USD for a 6 min ride to my hotel. (Note: I did pay $40 which was still insanely expensive🤦🏾‍♀️) Had I not known what it SHOULD cost and stood up for myself that would have been a very expensive mistake made. I could have also jumped on a $3 trolley that would have dropped me off at the corner from my hotel. I didn't know that at first so I did that when leaving. It was super easy and a total deal.

2. Drop A Pin, Sis!
This one might seem obvious but you need to actually tell people where you are going. Give them flight and hotel information and notify them if plans change. This can be done by sharing with loved ones or in this day and age a simple check in via Facebook works as well. I sent a simple text like the one above to a few people and that was it. Just think about the dialogue if GOD forbid you come up missing. Do you want your loved ones to say, "She left yesterday sometime to Mexico, I think Tulum but it could have been Cancun🤷🏾‍♀️ and she was staying at some hotel in the Jungle." Ma'am, what?! Sis, help them and YOURSELF out and provide details.

3. Pack light. 
No seriously, you want to be able to handle your own bags. Pick pockets and thieves target people that need help with bags and while MOST people are actually generous people that would not mind helping you, there are some that will find you easy prey. Also, bag handlers will offer to help you but best believe they will expect or demand a tip after.

One of my biggest travel regrets was over packing for Italy. I visited about 5 cities in 2 weeks and it was HELL lugging 2 FULL-SIZE suitcases through the streets of Venice. If you've ever been to Venice you know exactly what I'm talking about. Cobble streets, stair cases and bridges at every corner oh and let's not forget the lovely task of getting on and off a water taxi. Dear sweet Jesus, I truly don't know how I made it. Also, train stations (which was my primary mode of transportation) do not always have elevators or escalators up and down, so moving from one track to another meant MANY, MANY stairs! Oh the struggle!! Trust me no outfit is worth that stress. Pack what you need, nothing more.

4. Update your bank and phone plan. 
So, my bank does that very secure (and usually inconvenient) thing of locking down my account when my account has suspicious charges and will decline the purchase. This has happened to me at a pet store in my neighborhood or when my account was hacked with 12 dollars in porn charges (they were not mine, swear!). It has also happened to me at dinner in Aviano, Italy with co-workers and NO cash on me. Very embarrassing. Not only do you want to be in a foreign country with no cash (rookie mistake) but also not a working card and hours before you bank opens. Just notify them you will be out of the country and to allow charges for a certain period of time.

Also, your phone is essential. You need a way to communicate while away on a solo trip. Even if you are only able to make local calls that is fine. Either purchase your company's international plan for your trip, take a portable Mi-Fi device or download the What's App. As long as someone at home can get ahold of you and you can get a message to them. I will admit I fail to do this just about every time. Doh! I land in Mexico and my phone doesn't work. Not only can I not make calls but I can't connect to the internet to access Facebook or emails. Don't be like me, be better than me!

5. Last but not least, trust your gut! 
It typically won't stir you wrong. If you feel uneasy in a situation get out of there immediately. DO talk to strangers, please. I have met some of the dopest people on my solo trips but listen to your spidy senses if something feels 'off' to you. Whether it's someone being way too friendly or aggressive or if you end up in a sketchy area of town, be careful. Don't get too drunk, don't walk down dark alley's alone, ya know the usual common sense advice applies here. Be smart, Be safe, but most importantly, have FUN and enjoy your trip, you deserve it!

If you have other travel tips please leave them in the comments below! Also, do you have any cool trips coming up this summer, I want to know where I should go next!!


Monday, April 15, 2019

5 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

What I'm Wearing:
Tee: Boohoo | Sweats: Wal-Mart, softest sweats EVER, you will love and hate me if you buy these! Love me because now your world has changed and hate me because you'll never want to wear anything else. #storyofmylife

I have nothing to wear. No, seriously y'all. NOTHING. 

I know what your asking right now. Naja, how are you a fashion blogger and have nothing to wear? Well, good question, let me tell you how I got here and how I plan on finding my way. So if you're lost like me go ahead and follow these 5 steps to get back to being your BEST style self.

The funny thing about personal style is it's ever evolving, changing and growing as YOU do. Lots of things affect your personal style to include your lifestyle, habits, likes/dislikes, mood etc. My style as a stay at home mom living in rural suburbs is completely different than that of a single woman working in corporate America living in a MAJOR city. For me, going through a bit of a depression this last year combined with my weight not being where I would like it to be AND compiled with the fact I work from home 80% of the time, made for a toxic cocktail in the style department. I looked up and my style evolved to sweatpants, leggings and overall giving ZERO F*@#s! This would be fine and totally cool, IF I was cool with it. But I'm not. How I look affects how I feel and I'm ready to start feeling amazing again. So on top of the internal work I'm doing I'm also tackling my wardrobe. But first, I have to figure out a few things, like what is MY PERSONAL STYLE?? Here are 5 steps to get you going in the right direction.

1. Who is your style MUSE? 
What's a muse you ask? Simply someone that inspires you. Who's style in this world inspires you the most? Pick 2-3 celebrities, bloggers, or real life person who's style inspires you OFTEN. If you live for everything Rihanna puts on her body than she just might be your style muse. I personally can't get enough of Kahlana Barfield, the Twiced Blessed bloggers and Olivia Palermo to name a few.

2. Gather inspiration.
I tend to head to the Inspo MECCA of the inter webs; Pinterest. Really anywhere that will help you organize your inspiration pics easily. Pinterest is an amazing resource for style inspiration, so create an account/board, follow your FAVs (you can follow me HERE) and start saving anything that catches your eye. Also, browse Instagram (you can follow me HERE) for rich fashion inspiration. Just pick a hashtag and let the journey down the rabbit hole began lol. My favs are #styleinspiration #LTKstyle #curvygirlstyle You would be so surprised what will unlock your creativity. Think you've thought of everyway possible to style a white tee? Head to Pinterest and I assure you someone else has styled it in a way you never thought of. Get inspired girl!

3. Identify your body type. 
Listen very carefully dolls, this is a big tip right here. You listening? Ok, good, here it goes. NOT EVERYTHING WORKS FOR EVERYBODY. *clears throat* Let me say that again. NOT EVERYTHING YOU LIKE WILL WORK FOR YOUR SPECIFIC BODY TYPE! And guess what, that's ok. The goal here is to feel comfortable and confident in what we put on our body. I don't feel confident with my lower FUPA area on full display. (not sure what a FUPA is? lol google it) Anything tight on that area makes me super cringe. All these plus size queens wearing body con dresses and slaying my edges with they coca-cola shapes and flat tummy give me life, it truly does. But it only took me flocking to buy exactly ONE of those dresses and not looking NOTHING like them to understand my body doesn't look good in those pieces.

4. Pick a key piece. 
We all gravitate to our favs, it's just nature. For instance, are you a shoe or a bag girl? Do you love outwear? Are you a jewelry junkie? What is YOUR thing? Pick a key piece you always gravitate towards and maximize it. Focus on that thing when you're out shopping, it will become your signature. For me it was shoes, boy did I love a good heel! I would rock the cheapest bag and midtier outfit with a $800 Fendi pump. I mean nothing really beats a sexy shoe in my opinion. However, my tolerance for any heel over 3 inches is becoming weary by the day and I tend to gravitate towards a sneaker or a flat. *insert GASP here* So maybe I need to be a sneaker head instead of a Fendi freak? Hmmmm we shall see.

5. Experiment. 
Fashion should be fun and not taken too seriously. There is no right or wrong. It's really about what makes you feel fly? You can't really mess up personal style. It is what you make it and is an outward reflection of who you are. It's okay to play around with your style, be free, have fun and above all; OWN IT!

So that's all I have for today dolls. I hope you enjoyed these tips and found them helpful. Let me know how YOU identify your personal style in the comments below. Ya girl needs all the tips she can get!!


The relationship you have with yourself will set the tone for every other relationship in your life. Do you value you?


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I can explain......but I won't

Sitting down to write this blog post without feeling fake AF has been the hardest thing. Do I jump in with a makeup or outfit post after 5 months of silence? Do I explain, "What happened" to me and the reason for my absence? Is one even necessary? Do I even have the energy for that? Answer to all of the above; NO. Do you guys ever just get off track? (I know I'm not the only one) Do you ever get so far away from your intended path that you look up and ask yourself, where the hell am I? Not in a confused but happy to be here kind of way lol. Nah more in a, HOLY SHIT I'm in danger and need to get to safety kind of way. I feel like I'm in that place as of late.

I started my blog as an outlet to express my love for fashion and makeup and document my journey of discovering my personal style and inspire others along the way. It then grew to my home on the internet to express myself in other things like my love for home decor, life events and my evolution as a woman. I stopped short on many things as the internet is a tricky place to navigate and many people aren't as kind as they should be. But honestly that only left me feeling restricted, the pressure to seem 'perfect' and always put together; inauthentic to a point as at times I'm a WHOLE HOT ASS MESS, and that's ok. Then somewhere along the lines I didn't know how to start again. Asking myself, "where do I start, what do I talk about, does anyone even care anymore?"

Social media has become nothing more than a web of lies for likes and it's exhausting. Then there are those who are truly inspiring and influencing things that matter while doing what they love and supporting themselves doing it. I want to be the later. If I had to articulate a brand mission statement, it would be I want my brand to be one that inspires and influences you to live your best life on your own terms. My favorite people are those that are unapologetically themselves, in a world full of people trying to be like the next that is beyond refreshing. So here's to letting go of what others say your life should be or look like and just fucking DO YOU! I miss sharing, I miss inspiring, I miss this community, I miss writing, I miss beating my face for no reason at all other than to tell y'all how much I LOVE this new lipstick, I miss creating pretty pictures, I miss creating, period. If you still wake up everyday with a passion for something, why would you ever give it up? For me it was because I let the outside 'noise' become louder than my own voice. So let's try this again, let's get back on the horse and back in the saddle and this time, Naja, run your OWN race. Block out the noise and just do what you love. Let everything else happen as it should.
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