Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Let's Start Over

With a new year approaching in slightly over 30 days and the inevitable list of goals and "New Year, New Me" declarations are on the horizon, let's get a jump start on a few things, my wardrobe makeover being one of them! 2019 was a year that slapped me around and beat me up a bit. Not gonna lie, I feel bruised and beaten from the year. Most of which has been emotional, mental and full of internal struggles. The good thing about a good fight is you usually arise stronger and better than before. You learn from your mistakes and realize the moves you should have made to defeat your opponent. So with that I'm ready for 2020, ready to put my best foot forward and ready for the punches 2020 throws my way.

We will discuss New Year goals and what's to come another day but for today we will chat 'Starting Over'.....With my Wardrobe that is. Yes, I'm about ready to throw away EVERYTHING in my closet and just START OVER! I need a complete overhaul, a reset, a FULL MAKEOVER. Seriously, someone send help! I feel I don't even know what my personal style is anymore. What do I like, what flatters my body shape currently? What makes me feel AMAZING? Hmmm🤔 All great questions that I will be answering in this New Year. The Naja that started this blog 8 years ago has changed and so has her style. So if you don't mind, I'd like to take it back to basics and figure it out all over again.

Has anyone else been feeling like they are in need of a major reset? Nothing in your wardrobe quite fits your vibe these days? If so, let me know below and keep your eye on the blog as we walk through figuring it out together.
This look is the quintessential back to basics look. Every single item in this look in my opinion is a wardrobe MUST-HAVE. A good pair of jeans, black blazer, white tee and versatile shoe. This is me laying the foundation. Start with those basics and build on that. This oversized blazer is a thrift find that I've been obsessed with, I consider it my 'Fashion' blazer. I need a everyday black blazer and work black blazer to round out my collection.

This white tee is from Levi's and great quality so far. I also recommend knowing your shirt 'style'. I look better in a V-neck as opposed to a crew neck. Also, add your favorite accessories that show off your style. This gold chunky necklace and brooch is something I pulled out the archives for sure.

The FIT:
White Tee: Levi's; Jeans: Charlotte Russe; Heels: Steve Madden; Blazer: Thrifted

I'm curious to know what your go-to BASICS look is. My full list of Wardrobe MUST-HAVES will be coming soon.

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