Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fear of Snakes

I have been seriously afraid of snakes since I was a child, a serious case of Ophidiophobia. The mere sight of a snake would send chills down my spine. That is.... until now, the snake fashion fad has taken a fierce stand in the industry and I must say that I am a fan! These reptiles can be found everywhere from the catwalk from some of the hottest high-end designers to low-end retailers. Even some of the brightest stars are showing NO FEAR for this latest trend. Check out some of the hottest snake wranglers I've seen.
Beyonce's Sept 2011 InStyle spread....now that's scary!
 {Pic via Glamazon blog}
{Chloe snake bag}
Take a look at this seriously gorge snake skin bag. Three words....OH Mmmm Geee, talk about extreme fashion! If I didn't hate them so much I might feel bad about seeing the head of this sinful creature mounted on this bag like a remarkable piece of ART. Yea.....I said 'IF'. 

{Beiber and his pet snake 'Johnson'}

I would rock each and every one of these pieces without a fear in the world...FIERCE!

 {Lanvin: Twisted Snake necklace}
{Nine West Platform Aroundtown mary-jane....*A Naja Necessity* 
{Chloe Python Paratay leather bag}
{Dolce & Gabanna python shoulder bag}



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date Night

Last night was date night with the girls. One of my fav chicas is deploying to Iraq next week so we sent her off with one last girls night out before heading to the sandbox. Its always hard to see a friend deploy because you just never know what dangers they might encounter. The main thing to do is to pray and offer as much support to the person as possible. During my 6 months deployed to Iraq just receiving a card or an email saying you were thinking about me was like gold. Remember to keep the men and women of the Armed Forces in your prayers. Unless you have served you cannot imagine what these angles have sacrificed.

Be safe Stacey gonna miss ya girlie! 
 {Let me keep those earrings nice and safe for ya while your gone! ;-)}
 {The Ladies}

 {Crawfish Ravioli.....Yumm Good!}

 {Sam Edelman loves! These shoes are dangerous....and so am I in them! Owww}
 {LOVE these earrings c/o my girl Stylist She of 'All things Fabulous Boutique'}

The FIT:
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Clutch & Earrings: Gifted from my girl Stylist She
Pink Lippie: MAC Wonder Woman Hot Pink Lip Gloss 

~Lovelies don't forget to enter my sunglass giveaway on my previous post......Its FREE!!~

Truly Yours,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunglass Sassiness! + GIVEAWAY!!

Hey Dolls, so I totally started out today wanting to test out my new remote control and play with some settings for my camera. Now I can take pics of myself a lot easier....the timer method is good cardio but wasn't so efficient. I might be a little late but I found a cool website {RetroCity Shades} to get some dope shades from for the low-low, I wanted to share with you guys my top picks and thought this would be a great opportunity to do my first GIVEAWAY! Just a small thank you from me to you for checking out my blog, I truly am loving this new hobby of mine and am more than GEEKED by every single comment and new follower....I have 10 so far..WOW...including me! LOL I know i'm silly, but thanks for all the support lovelies!
  {Tortoise Brown Pointy Cat Eye Frames}

 {Gold Flat Tops got me feelin FRESH!}

 {Mirrored Aviator frames I call the Terminators!}

 {Ooooo I feel like Jackie O in these black Oval goodies...<3}
Amazing what a new pair of sunnies will do for an outfit and your attitude, not too mention no one is really that cute squinting from the sun. Gives you the scrunched up granny face......NO BUENO! 
Major Naja Necessities!!
 {Black Pointy Eye frames.....FIERCE}
Smile :D
*All shades can be found at www.RetroCitySunglasses.com*

So the rules are simple. Just leave a comment telling me which pair of shades you like the best and how you would rock them and become a follower a.k.a Diamond Doll.....its FREE!! Yup, so that's it, I will pick a winner on September 1st. Just that simple. So leave your comments and become a Double D and you in there! ;-)

Naja D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Office Outfit of the Day

Working in an office environment doesn't leave much room to be fun with my outfits but today I decided to push the envelope a little. I was feeling this playful full skirt paired with a red lip. The skirt was a tad shorter than I would normally wear but I felt the blazer offset it a little and made the fit more professional. Nothing like a fashion pick me up to get the week off to a great start! 

The FIT:
Skirt Zara
Blazer GAP
Heels Steve Madden
Fossil Watch

Truly Yours,
Naja Diamond 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's making me SMILE on this Sunday.....

Hello Dolls, so today I spent the day relaxing, praying and planning my attack for the future. Here are just a few things that made me smile REAL hard today :-D
{My new notebook from Barnes & Noble to keep all my blog ideas in, isn't it neat :-D}

 {Can't wait to dive into this massive 636 page issue, Beyonce' gives me everything ALWAYS!}

 {Mini Ulta haul....all this for $17.50...... been obsessed with everything Blue lately}
   {My pretty lil pup....The Dutchess!!}
 {Marilyn Monroe performing 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend' during the movie 'Gentlemen prefer Blondies}
{Love this look BTW, drippin in Diamonds are so ideal!}

Happy Sunday dolls, have a great week!

Truly Yours,
Naja Diamond 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Purple Midi

Wore this outfit to catch a movie but sadly The Help was all sold out for 3 shows. Such a popular movie that I've heard so much about that I can't wait to see. I'm going to try again tomorrow but wanted to leave you with a quick outfit post. This purple midi skirt reminds me of a gorgeous purple BCBG jumpsuit I used to own. Anywho, when I spotted it at a local Goodwill months ago I quickly snatched it up.  I was drawn to the vibrant color and detailed gold buttons. I love that I found this current trend, the midi skirt, at the GOODWILL. You never know what treasures lie at the Goodwill don't be afraid to do a little Goodwill Hunting lovelies. Nothing a good tailor/dry cleaner or bottle of Lysol can't fix :-)

The FIT:
Tank: Target
Skirt: Goodwill Goody
Heels: Diane Von Furstenberg
Clutch: Nine West
Necklace: Vintage

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