Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Pink Blazer....

I purchased this blazer at the beginning of Spring from Zara, which is really like summer time here in the south.....just miserable! I have since been lusting to wear this baby and couldn’t resist playing dress up for a bit and take a few pics. It was 108 degrees outside that day so it didn’t stay on long that’s for sure. 
I love the color, (hot pink is my fav, in case you couldn’t tell, hehe) cut and fit of this piece, definitely some fun colorblocking fall looks to come with this piece. CAN’T WAIT! 

                                                                             {Photos by Raz}
The FIT: Blazer: Zara, BodyCon Skirt: Forever 21, Button-up: BCBG (Macy’s), Booties: Alexander Wang, Watch: Micheal Kors 

Truly Yours,
Naja Diamond


  1. sooo the colour of your blazer!

  2. Thanks Shara! Be sure to come back for more fab fashion by me!

  3. This is so dope! Naj. Though I had a hot pink vintage blazer, i am also in the process of Redefining my style and alot of my outrageous vintage looks gota go..sory *tear* Buttttt! I found one very similar to the one you are rocking from this spot Love Couture and I love it, just as much as I love you....Boo. You inspire my style. Get it CuZ

  4. Love you so much cuzzo!! You inspire me always! FYI :-)

  5. That hot pink blazer is dope something similar to wat im lookin for to attend this blazer & boots party next month


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