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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fear of Snakes

I have been seriously afraid of snakes since I was a child, a serious case of Ophidiophobia. The mere sight of a snake would send chills down my spine. That is.... until now, the snake fashion fad has taken a fierce stand in the industry and I must say that I am a fan! These reptiles can be found everywhere from the catwalk from some of the hottest high-end designers to low-end retailers. Even some of the brightest stars are showing NO FEAR for this latest trend. Check out some of the hottest snake wranglers I've seen.
Beyonce's Sept 2011 InStyle spread....now that's scary!
 {Pic via Glamazon blog}
{Chloe snake bag}
Take a look at this seriously gorge snake skin bag. Three words....OH Mmmm Geee, talk about extreme fashion! If I didn't hate them so much I might feel bad about seeing the head of this sinful creature mounted on this bag like a remarkable piece of ART. Yea.....I said 'IF'. 

{Beiber and his pet snake 'Johnson'}

I would rock each and every one of these pieces without a fear in the world...FIERCE!

 {Lanvin: Twisted Snake necklace}
{Nine West Platform Aroundtown mary-jane....*A Naja Necessity* 
{Chloe Python Paratay leather bag}
{Dolce & Gabanna python shoulder bag}


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1 comment:

  1. I hate snakes, they freak me out lol, could never wear snakeskin.

    NRC ♥



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