Monday, August 15, 2011

Closet Cruisin'

So I spent the last few days visiting my mother in Kentucky and despite having no internet service for 4 days and cows having the right away ..... I had a really great time. It was great spending time with Ma’Dukes and taking a little time off work. It was a nice recharge to my batteries and my wardrobe. I took the opportunity to closet jack explore mom's closet filled with hidden treasures from her and my granny. Apparently, closet jacking runs in the family. lol. To my surprise it was filled with all sorts of goodies and I had no problem leaving her closet almost bare!! There was so many FAB vintage finds I felt like I was shopping at my fav consignment shop for FREE! All very bright vibrant pieces that fit me like a glove and will be a dream to style this fall. You have to understand my surprise.....Ma’ Dukes and I never really seen eye to eye in the style department while I was growing up, she always insisted I wore fluffy bangs, excessive ponytails with rainbow variety barrettes, floral everything and made me tuck my shirt in my pants real tight :-0....of which I fought till the bitter end ugggh! So she was more than delighted to see me take an interest in all her old clothes she hasn’t worn in years and to tell me the back story for each and every piece :-) Gotta love old fashion stories. I love wearing vintage, I feel like I’m wearing history and it gives my outfit more character. This new score did a great job filling the void of all my lost vintage treasures. Check out some of the pieces that made me smile extra hard :-D

As I write this post I am watching Sex and the City for the 134575th time...SMH, I have a problem I know. I felt I needed to watch it for inspiration with this bright new wardrobe.
Can't wait to find an amazing belt and clutch to accompany this hot pink wrap dress...Gorgeous!

Christian Dior suit....just might rock this as is for the office.....maybe.
These lapels make this blazer EVERYTHING!

Yay!! Elbow pads!!

After a deep cleaning, I imagine myself skiing in Aspen or Park City in this Bill Blass....hey, a girl can dream ;-)
Color blocking sheath, I feel the sun will follow me all day in this beauty!
The craftsmanship of this Etienne Aigner coat is bananas!

*Sigh* Bill Blass, American designer legend all lonely and dirty in the back of a closet. 

Truly Yours,
Naja Diamond


  1. Take me next time...You know I love everythang..but that Purple Christian Dior Suit.. spoke to my soul...Have fun!

  2. You have a lot of great pieces babe. love your blog so far.. check mine out :)

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!


  4. I love how fashion never dies but repeats itself throughout the decades.

  5. Mom's is fly!! That's some great items you got there!!

  6. I know I'm super late but you mother has some MAJOR Style!!!


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