Monday, September 23, 2019

Style Update: Am I even a Fashion Blogger anymore?!

So you call yourself a fashion blogger? Then what happened to the fashion posts? Why you don’t take pictures anymore?? 🤔

Ya'll listen, these are the questions I have been asking myself for some time now.  This internal dialogue has been on repeat for me for years honestly. I deemed September my #SelfCareSeptember and sat myself down to answer those ongoing questions. I needed to answer them so I can move forward. The insane part is I've been stuck in the same cycle for far too long. 

So when I truly sat down to ask myself those questions. The answers were simple, I don't take and post fashion pictures anymore because I don't have anything to wear. I don't have anything to wear because I haven't bought anything I feel comfortable in besides sweatpants in ages. I haven't bought anything besides sweatpants because I'm unhappy with my body. BOOM, there it is!! You are unhappy with your weight so you don't shop or put the effort into your appearance the way you used to. This size (she a 16 ya'll) has me feeling like I don't look right in certain clothes. Or shall I say clothes I USED to wear. A new body will require new clothes and perhaps a new style. Certainly a new appreciation for your shape, Naja. 

Then I took this one-on-one conversation a bit further and asked myself how can we work past this and fix it? Then myself said to myself clear as day….."Love me through it and be patient". BOOM, there it is again!! Listen, the easy answer would have been to say "Lose weight" but the truth is I've tried it and then failed and then felt worst and beat myself up even more. At the end of the day ya'll, Naja is tired of fighting with NAJA! It's a battle that will only be won with kindness and patience. Period. So then I said to me was, "What you have the power to do in this moment is CHOOSE to love yourself at any size. You can CHOOSE to work out or NOT workout but either way you need to love yourself the same." 🤯 Now don't get me wrong, I won't take all the credit. People have been telling me this FOREVER, my mom included. But it really doesn't matter coming from anyone but ME. The message hit different when it's from you to you boo. 

So I went out and did this thing. Actually I opened my laptop and did this thing, me and dressing room mirrors don't get along! 😠 I went shopping, I bought clothes that I thought were cute and were in MY size. Say whaaaattt! I know, I know. #groundbreaking Even better, I actually liked them, felt cute and best of all felt confident. Fashion was back to putting a smile on my face like it used to and I couldn't be happier. I will say that it requires a LOT more patience and looking to find what I like but retailers like Rainbow, Ashley Stewart and Eloquii make it easier to find. I'll do another post on my favorite Plus Size retailers because Rainbow had me shook, but for now just know that she's getting the hang of this thing.

So back to my original question. Are you still a Fashion Blogger?? The answer in short is yes and no. My interest have grown far beyond fashion over here on my little space on the internet and I plan on sharing them all. My first love is still Fashion but Beauty and Home Décor is a close second. I also want to share more lifestyle things as well. This could be everything from what I'm loving at Trader Joe's at the moment, my love for photography and even my mental health or wellness journey. So more lifestyle topics are on the way and technically you can say I'm a Lifestyle Blogger.

In the meantime, to ya'll reading this, please be nice to yourself, seriously. You don't deserve half the crap you routinely give yourself. Be KIND to YOU because she is listening to what you tell her. Have a great and amazing week!

What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Ashley Stewart in size XL, similar HERE
Jeans: Levi's wedgie fit in size 16
Heels: Rebecca Minkoff Mules, HERE


  1. Thanks for the Inspiration!!Glad your back doing your thang!

  2. Naja,

    I appreciate your transparency, and have been a long-time follower since the inception of your blog (I'm talking about, when you had the pink NajaDiamond banner and a pair of heels and combat boots as your header/logo). I have a tendency of beating myself up all the time, especially when I don't feel as though I'm progressing successfully with my weight loss, in the time "I feel" I should. I too, am a size 16, and I am starting to appreciate me more (especially coming from a size 22) and being more patient with my weight loss efforts.

    1. Hey lady!

      First of all, thanks so much for being a long time reader! Secondly, my apologies for being inconsistent over the years, as one of my most loyal readers you deserve better. I will do better. Third, congrats on you weightloss love! That is no easy feat for sure. I think the hardest thing for us women is to be kind to ourselves. Keep working and keep doing you, you will get to your goals.

      P.S. That pink banner with the heels seems like ages ago! hahaha It was my most favorite thing! #memories


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