Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Honey Pot Co Review - My HONEST, UNFILTERED opinion

Hello dolls, this post is long overdue. This post was intended to go up before COVID-19 hit then it just didn't seem right to post but here we are. 6 weeks later and still in quarantine. 😏 So rather than let these beautiful pics, I spent a LOT of time on, go to waste, here we go. 

A few weeks ago when the whole Honey Pot drama occurred where white women took it upon themselves to be offended by Target for featuring brand owner, Bea Dixon in a commercial where she said her company was to pave the way for young black girls to come.  This was not a dig at any other race but simply HER truth statement and encouragement for young black women entrepreneurs to come. White woman took offense to it, threatened to boycott Target, left bad reviews on the website to destroy her product ratings etc. They were BIG BIG MAD. *Insert intense eye roll here*

In response, many black women, including myself, rallied to support this Queen. I went out and purchased every single Honey Pot product I could find and here are my thoughts:

Sensitive Foaming Feminine Wash: This daily feminine wash claims to boost moisture levels down there, calm irritations and balance your pH while gently cleansing the area. It’s gentle enough to be used daily with no itching, irritation or burning. So I will say this, while this was nice to use I reach for this product the least. I personally prefer something with more lather and slip to it and this doesn’t have much. I do not typically suffer from pH issues down there so I didn’t notice much of a difference at all with this product. The website does say that if you typically experience irritation, dryness or infections down there this product would be good for you. 

Herbal Everyday Panty Liners: These pantyliners are my FAV! They are made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils that give you this amazing “cooling” effect. When I say “cooling” effect think mouthwash for your lady parts. Not in a burning way but in a nice refreshed and clean way. The website claims they help with cramps and discomfort  which I experience heavily, but for me I will say I like anything that makes me feel super clean down there and these do that. I give this product 2 thumbs up, I love them!

Super Herbal Pads with Wings: TMI Alert: I am a heavy bleeder around that time of month so Super is my go-to size when Aunt Flow is in town. I picked these up and I must say I am a fan. These are not Day 1 and 2 pads for me, not quite thick enough but for Day 3-5 they are perfect. I love the soothing effect the herbs have. It does not burn but feels more like a mint or mouth wash for your lady parts. I like it, I think it feels fabulous but beware that it’s coming. Not gonna lie when I wore my first one the cooling effect took me by surprise and I thought I was having a reaction until I read the package and realized it was supposed to do that. Once you are aware it feels good and not overpowering at all.  

Sensitive Feminine Wipes: The sensitive feminine wipes are fantastic. I don’t use wipes every single day but I do occasionally use baby wipes down there. I thought I’d try these instead. I found them super gentle and refreshing but not in a “cooling” way I mentioned earlier. These are made with herbal ingredients but they leave the tingling effect out of these, which I like. A LOT. 

Overall, I really like this line. I love that it’s made with natural and herbal ingredients. I also like that it’s different with the cooling effect some products give you. And last but not least I love that it was created by a black woman! While I don’t see myself continuing to purchase ALL the products I will say the pantyliners and wipes will be an everyday staple for me. I would surely recommend giving the line a try and see what products work for you, that is if you can get your hands on them. If you’ve already tried the line I would love to know what you thought about the products below! 

NOTE: I will say these products are pretty hard to find these days. I routinely check my local Target when I go and they have not been fully stocked for some time. The website is also Sold Out of most products.


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