Friday, June 3, 2022

DIY Toddler Photoshoot feat. Indique Hair


This is the best 'SMILE' I could get. LOL, my child is such a character!

What I'm Wearing:

Dress: Amazon - similar, sleeveless (old Maternity Dress I bought for pictures but never got to wear)

Hair: Indique Pure Curly Hair - (3) 24" bundles and a 16" wavy closure

Hey dolls! BM (Before Motherhood) I heard Moms always say how hard it was to take pictures with their little ones and I never quite understood. That is until I struggled with getting my son to sit his 16 month bottom in one spot longer than 10 seconds. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! 

No I take that back, it's possible....with Akili and Me (his favorite cartoon), a bottle, snacks or pure old fashion luck. 

Thank goodness my hair was the least of my worries for this shoot!  In these pics I'm rocking (3) 24" bundles of raw wavy Indian hair from Indique Hair's Pure Collection. This line of hair is absolutely gorgeous dolls. Pure, unprocessed hair that looks great curly, straight or in it's natural wavy state. This is my first time wearing this hair and I am IN LOVE. 🥰

I took the hair and a 16" closure from the brand to make this into a wig. Now I can get up and look put together so easily while saving time and money. This was honestly THE BEST decision. I'm able to take it off to care for my natural hair underneath as well as care for and style her for when I'm ready to look fabulous in a flash. That's exactly what I did for this shoot. I was able to style her the night before so she was ready to go to take these photos. With a busy toddler, not needing to spend 20-30 additional minutes styling my hair was game changing. 

Did I mention I styled, setup, got myself and my son ready for this shoot all by myself! And at home....for FREE!! I had my mother snap the shots quickly on my iPhone and we were done! Forever memories captured. 

At Home 'Studio' Finds

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To achieve these photos I used a linen duvet cover and white sheets I wasn't currently using, decor from around my own home, natural sunlight (sat in front of a large window) and my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Dassit! I draped the sheets over a photo backdrop stand but you can easily use the back of a couch or push pin it to a blank wall. I took inspiration from Pinterest and used what I had at home that was similar. Did a quick beat and popped on my already styled wig and was time to wrangle up the mini me. YIKES! Lol, everything else was easy peezy. 

If you are on a budget and in need of some new pics I encourage you to get creative and see what you can come up with on your own. Also, having great hair also helps 😉so be sure to check out Indique Hair HERE and use coupon code Naja15 for 15% off!


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