Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Golden Collar

Hey dolls, sorry for the lack of posts as of late but I've been less than inspired with recent events and my event-LESS life as of late. Today I managed to muster up an ounce of FABULOUSNESS to come up with this fit. I am in love with this combo and feel it is outside of my recent "style" box. It got me wondering what exactly is personal style? As soon as I feel I have defined mine to a tee, I come up with something a little unexpected. I believe Ralph Lauren said it best.....

"Personal style is having the confidence to be who you are, not necessarily flamboyant or eccentric. It can be as simple as turning up a cuff or the contradiction of a weathered motorcycle jacket slung over an elegant evening dress. Its' taking a risk, trying something unexpected, and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself."

**The wind was lovin my skirt....and my hair :-/ LOL**
So dolls I would love to hear how you define your personal style and how you came to that definition, have a fabulous weekend!! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE MY BLOG ON FACEBOOK!!

The FIT:
Button up: BCBG
Jean Jacket: Closet jacked from Ma Dukes
Maxi Skirt: Fished out of the bottom of a consignment shop bin for 3 bucks while in Kentucky!!
Shoes: DVF
Gold Collar: Target 
Shades: Gucci
Bag: Vintage Dooney & Burke also JACKED from Ma Dukes ;-) lol


  1. Very cute! I love the skirt.

    I have no clue how to describe my personal style. I like sneakers and heels, skirts and cheetah mixed w/ loads of pink and gold.

  2. I am actually like you everytime I think I have it defined I add something new. Right now I would describe my style as evolving b/c every time I get dressed now I try to do something different than I did before.

  3. I'm still not quite sure what my style is. I think I know but still figuring it out. I like structured pieces, preppy but yet sexy. I'm thinking by doing your blog you will figure it out. I say give it some time and then it will come to you.

  4. Love the outfit. The collar definitely is a nice touch.

  5. Absolutely love your blog!!! Your style is so effortless and fab..continue doing your thing. You definitely give me inspiration.

  6. I really like this look. Super classic (and borrowed LOL) pieces make the best looks!

  7. Thanks hunni's!! I am certainly enjoying this journey of finding my personal style, good luck with yours as well.

  8. You look so fab darling!!! Love every aspect of this look:-)


  9. That bag is fabulous! Aw I totally understand the lack of inspiration but you look fabulous :)

  10. Love Love Love it...outfit looks so cute.

  11. great look dear im loving the necklace w/ the button up so chic

  12. This is why we like you - your looks change but we can still see you- nothing forced.

    I was just pondering the same because I seem to only wear a quarter of my closet. I keep wondering why I am not mixing things up? Is it that the style I have in my head when I bought them is not really MY style? (think its more mommy lazy lol).

    I think I can sum my style up as classic with a bit of trends mixed in. As I get more into my 30's I am keeping with what works for my body- won't compromise for a trend's sake.

  13. Love it! That flowy skirt is sooo feminine. A+ I like to put a denim jacket over everything. I love to wear jeans but can't wear them to work Mon - Thurs so I will throw a demin jacket on to feel better. lol.

    I like to think of my personal style as classy and chic but like others, it is still evolving. I find myself getting funky with it here and there as of late.

  14. I absolutely and positively LOVE this outfit. Too cute and sheek. Every piece gives it its own detail. I love it. Plus you can never go wrong with a hint of cheetah print!

  15. Love everything about your outfit. It's different, but still you. I LOVE how you wear the gold collar necklace (I'm gonna copy that...LOL), I love the bag.

  16. Gold Collar Hollar!!! Your ounce of fabulousness went a long way cuz you look waaaay cute in this outfit! Luv those shoes girl -- I swear I need to raid you shoe closet!

  17. I love this look doll! U r gorg!


  18. Love jacking off to these pictures


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