Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 things.....

10 Things I'll miss about Shreveport, Louisiana......
1. All the great people I met and have come to call my Friends. Miss you luvs :-)
2. The food. I have 20 lbs to lose because of it but it will be missed! Southfield Grill was my FAV.
3. Mild Winters....I hear its gonna be 67 degrees tomorrow #Jealous!!
4. Drive thru Daiquiris......Strawberry is my FAV.....hmmm good!
5. Blue Bell ice cream.....only in the South we do Breyers up north.
6. Everyone speaks and for the most part are polite.....kinda nice.
7. Body By O classes and O shouting "50 jumping jacks!!"
8. My hair stylist who has kept my weave game on point since I arrived! *tear*
9. Cheaper cost of shopping y'day was a bit of a sticker shock *side eye*
10. Wearing open toe shoes in February!
I LOVE this SCARF, the pop is yellow is so gorge and makes me feel like a sexy Harry Potter! LOL
The FIT: Vest; F21, Button up; AnnTaylor, Heels; DVF, Scarf; GAP


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  1. I love your outfit!!!!!! The color choices are amazing. Check out my blog :)


  2. These pictures are gorgeous and your scarf is beautiful! I know what you mean about living in the south, nothing like southern hospitality.

  3. you look amazing!!!

  4. Girlll that hair. Absolutely beautiful. Love the outfit!


  5. Why are you so gorgeous? My goodness. I love the outfit. You look like you are literally glowing. Beautiful!

  6. Girl that hair is just gorgeous and I so want those DVF shoes.

  7. You are stunning! I hope you enjoy up north! Take Care


  8. You look amazing and I really love the style of those shoes!

  9. You look great. Did you get a new camera? Those are some good reasons to miss Louisiana

  10. Your make up is flawless and yellow becomes you!
    Oh and the hair...gorgeous!

  11. gorge look hun!!! and is it me or has your move changed your style a bit lol, you are working it dear luv the scarf so much:)

  12. Your look so fierce and on point!. Love the outfit.

  13. sexy harry potter! soo funny! love your blog now following!
    -Gabrielle a.k.a Gstyle Follow if you like!


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