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Monday, June 18, 2012

Shop Your Closet Challenge! Join Me

Hey dolls, Happy Monday! I feel a very productive week on the way. Just feeling extra energized from this weekend. Thought I'd go ahead a post the pics from Day 3 of the SBOC conference. I decided to remix my Missoni for Target pajama pants. They have been just chillin in my closet since THIS post HERE and felt they needed another spin around the block. I have been trying to shop my closet a lot more these days dolls. I realized I have been in this BUY, BUY, BUY mind frame since the fire trying to replace all that I lost. In doing that I almost lost sight of the most important factor of all....having a great wardrobe is not about quantity it's all about QUALITY. I have decided to take a break from shopping for a bit and really focus on pieces I have in my closet. As of this day forward I will not purchase any clothing items outside of essentials i.e. Essential tanks or small items deeply, deeply discounted until after labor day. I invite you dolls to join me!! We can do it and I most certainly need your dolls encouragement cause Lord knows I LOVE to shop. SMH, its sad really.

 Shoes are the only exception to this self imposed HOLD on shopping. I mean you can never have too many of those, I don't care what anyone says! Enjoy shopping your closet for a while dolls you might be surprised how your current pieces will inspire you all over again! Enjoy dolls and have a fabulous week!
So great meeting Marie of The Curvy Fashionista as well and her hair was so gorge!  
DC bloggers in the house. 
Sai of Because I am Fabulous, took home the award for Best Personal Style and it was so well deserved I mean just look at her......FREAKIN FABULOUS she is! 
Loved seeing Clair of The Fashion Bomb again, her speech was so inspiring and authentic and the shoes were mean! 
This was my it's raining, I'm hungry....these stale donuts are NOT doing it for me and the bathrooms don't work in this hell hole, can we please get out of here FACE *sigh* Oooops did I say that :-0
Curse the malfunction of my blouse in these photos!! 
The FIT: 
Blouse: J.Crew
Pants: Missoni for Target Pajama Pants, also seen HERE
Shoes: ALDO
Watch: Michael Kors Rose Gold
Don't worry my new blue suede shoes will be making another appearance soon so you can get a better look at them....they are truly a gem. Blue shoes were pretty popular during this event. Hey, great fashion minds think alike! 



  1. very cute! I have been shopping my closet as well!

  2. you look gorgeous doll! So sorry that you had such an "experience" at this meeting and hope that the event staff takes note for next time around! But you looked FAb.U. Lous as always

    1. Thank you doll, yes lesson learned for sure hopefully they get it together!

  3. You look hot Naja! The yellow against your skin color just pops and your make up is always on point. Love it. I must take your advise and start shopping my closet because I find myself shopping ever week. *Hides face in shame*

    1. Thanks girlie, its okay I'm guilty witcha! lol

  4. everyone looks great! love your pants and shoes! i am shopping my closet a lot more these days too. amazing what you can find, LOL ;-)


    1. Thank you lady, I so agree, you find some great things indeed!

  5. You look absolutely stunning


  6. You look great, love those pants!

  7. LOVE this! Perfect! I would have never thought to rock them as pants even though it is the trend! Glad you "decided" to post some pics LOL : )

  8. Your pants are supercute! I need to join you in shopping my closet because my shopping has been out of control!

  9. I see we share a Missoni obsession! I went HAM on that sale-plates,cups, baby clothes, and of course clothes! Did I mention I don't have a baby? LOL. You looked GREAAAT


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