Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wet n' Wild Lippie Review

Just in case you missed it over on my YouTube channel.....check out my latest review on the Wet n' Wild Lippies! I am in LOVE.....seriously! And my pretty lil pup The Dutchess makes a cameo!!



  1. The Dollhouse pink looks great on you!! That Red Velvet looks really pretty too!! Thanks for the review.

  2. How attactive and nice your dress is. It would be my great honour to have chance to live in thoes beautiful house. Those house with beautiful scenery would bring a happy mood to the livers. I dearm that one day my house wil have a swimming pool that i can play with my family beside the pool that would be a happy moment. So now i have to work hard in pearl jewelry and pearl strand for making my dream come ture as soon as possible.

  3. Your dog is too cute! I'm currently loving the new Wet & Wild lippies too. Need to find that Dollhouse Pink. Good color on you.


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