Saturday, May 18, 2013

Naja Needs.....Spring Updates.

After doing a bit of Spring cleaning and closet inventory this past week I realized I seriously need to do some shopping. My wardrobe is lacking a few key pieces and major WANT items as well. I haven't been doing much shopping in the last 6 months and think it's about time to get back on the wagon. I am now on this fitness journey that I am super proud of and have actually been sticking to. I made a deal with myself, the deal is I will allow myself to buy myself something really nice and super special every 10lbs or every dress size whichever is first. The scale can be tricky so I actually much rather go by how my clothes fit rather than what the number on the scale reads. My goal is to lose around 30 pounds. I know that might sound like a lot but I actually weigh far more than people ever guess. Anywho, here a few of the items I am currently coveting.

Spring Needs

Spring Needs by najadiamond featuring senso
1. Nude Strappy Sandals: They are the equivalent to a black power pump for the office in my humble opinion.....summertime MUST HAVE no question!
2. Floral Blazer: What a perfect way to update your wardrobe with a current trend that will be around for some time and can be remixed in so many ways. This blazer will serve me well on cool spring nights, crisp fall days and some layer'd up winter moments.
3. A sexy black strappy sandal: I mean how can I not have one of these in my arsenal.....smh, I am so disappointed in you Naja! (yes, I refer to myself in the 3rd person at times) This sandal will make any night out on the town this one to remember! (yes, I feel shoes have the power to do things like that)
4. White sleeveless moto vest: Preferably leather but this one is nice also. Why? Because I really, really want one. Great way to update and add some funk and flare to your summertime fits. I would put this in the same category as a black leather jacket and denim jacket/'s a MUST HAVE!
5. An updated summer bag: How fun and season appropriate is this bag. Although, not completely practical for year round use it is super cute and versatile with just about any spring/summer wardrobe.
6. White Shoes: After much deliberation I have decided that I LIKE this trend. A LOT. Super crisp and fresh yet edgy this pump is a MAJOR NAJA NEED


  1. Love the black strappy sandals
    Goodluck with the weight loss

  2. Love all of these items!


  3. Hey doll!! Can you please tell me which app you used to create this beautiful collage?! I've been researching and still can't seem to find anything ;( Also, do you create the font on the same collage or have to use a different one? Pls let me know. btw these are some fab picks!! ;)


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