Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family Fun & Box Braids!

Hey loves, I know it's been a while since I've posted dolls but I've have camera issues, hair issues, and these pesky little creatures making all my clothes too damn tight! Ugggh, losing weight is HARD, but I'm still fighting for that sexy body waiting for me! Last week was my birthday so I did splurge a bit lot but this week it's back to business. I celebrated my 29th with family this weekend in Jacksonville and Orlando. Good times for sure, here are a few pics from my visit dolls. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @NAJADIAMOND for all my updates on fashion, beauty, fitness and life!
Feelin myself with my fresh new braids...I finally got my box braids ya'll!!
Not gonna lie they probably come out soon cause HEAVY is not the word for these things. My neck feels like it's about to snap!
I can't go to Duval and not get a tray of Garlic Crabs & Shrimp! They were tasty but my body isn't made to handle all that butter anymore, all in moderation.

The resort pool party had a mermaid thou.....I was impressed and so was my bundles! She asked her tons of questions including what magic potion did she drink to get her fins and what part of the ocean was she from! LOL, too cute :-)
My abs aren't in yet but I was sure rockin my 2 piece. My ethnic inspired was just too cute NOT to pair with my new poetic justice braids!  
 Me and Dem Babies gettin our tan on. Love these lil munchkins



  1. Happy belated Birthday to you, 29 looks goooooddddd on you! And I am loving the braids too, girl are making me want to get mine back in ") have a good week!

  2. Happy belated birthday Naja, love the braids!

  3. box braids suit you SO much!


  4. Hey Naja, I live in the Ft Walton Beach are, however, I'm originally from Jacksonville. When I saw the tray of garlic crabs my mouth started to water, But I'm like you, my body can't handle all that butter. And Lord knows you can brush your teeth and gargle and it still takes a while to get rid of the garlicy smell. What is the brand & color of the lipstick you are wearing in the car photo, It looks great on you!


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