Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Style Salute Feature is Back!! Meet Karimah J

Today were back with our weekly #StyleSalute feature dolls! I know, I know, it's been FAR too long and I have no excuse for dropping the ball on this feature because I recieved a great response from you dolls. Nonetheless, I finally got my iiiish together to bring you this FABULOUS Air Force chicklet, Karimah Rivers! Karimah is a triple threat beautiful, fierce and uber stylish!! We go back almost 10 years and I love her to pieces.
Karimah is currently a flight attendant and former Aircraft Mechanic (yup, she's badass!) in the Air Force. She is blessed enough to fly all over the world with some of our nationals most influential people. I'm so jelly following her on Facebook because one week shes in India, then next Bangkok then on to England oh and did I mention she lives in Hawaii! To say this chick is "well traveled" would be an understatement!
Love you KK doll, I SALUTE you pookie! Go follow her here to keep up with her fabulosity!
  FACEBOOKPure Romance and Instagram: @KarimahJ 


  1. Love it!!!Glad to see the feature is back!!!

  2. Welcome back Naja. Werk it Sissy#simply freaking amazing#Salute

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog. I was in the Air force for 4 years. Its good to see you recognize these women, they are sometime forgotten.


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