Thursday, August 15, 2013


Nothing like a pair of BRIGHT yellow pants to brighten up your drab work week. I LOVE these pants and paired with black and white it was the perfect combination for the office. My apologies for the lack of outfit posts dolls but the Florida humidity has me struggling. Struggling to get dressed in cute clothes and two to get my camera to cooperate. One I'm outside my lens fogs up and I haven't found a quick fix for that just yet. Just take a look at the last few pics, no that's not a swampy filter it's the stupid humidity attacking my sweet camera! If you dolls have any tips please leave them below. Anywho, hope your having a great week so far and don't forget to smile! :-D
The FIT: 
Top, Pants: Forever 21
Shoes/Bag: Zara
Necklace: J.Crew
Please excuse the headless photos until I'm able to find someone to get this head together down here dolls. I've been having some SERIOUS growing pains here with my hair. SMH *inserts tear*



  1. I'm a lover of Black and White combined with anything!!! Love this look Doll and that bag is SUPER cute!!!

    7eventh Letter

  2. Fab look swooning over that bag

  3. I love your sensible everyday style!!

  4. Love how you combine your nails with your pants! You look great!

  5. Very cute, girl these shoes are sold out. I've been trying to get them for 2 weeks now. :) Love this color combo.

  6. Grrr I feel your pain re humidity. My husband and I had the same issue, so he takes my photos early in the morning when I'm leaving for work or in the evening when it gets a bit cooler because this Caribbean humidity is no joke. Love the color combo.


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