Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Naja Needs: 2014 Edition

Looking around my closet I find myself a bit disappointed. After the fire in 2010 where I lost everything I went on a bit of a buying binge. I got so caught up in buying STUFF that I wasn't buying the right stuff. When that happens you end up like me in a situation where you have quantity over quality. I have a whole lot of stuff that was cute last season or last year but not enough classic 'forever' pieces. The thought of dropping 600 bucks on a pair of classic pumps as opposed to 7 or 8 pairs of Just Fab 'of the moment' pumps has always given me pause. These of the moment pumps will be worn once or twice then need to be replaced soon. As I get older I now understand the importance of quality, you buy quality pieces you won't need to replace them so quickly. I decided to compile a list of important items that are missing from my wardrobe that I will be purchasing this year.
Top 14 Must Haves in 2014
Part 2

1. Leopard coat: I mean everyone I need a statement coat in my wardrobe. This leopard beauty is PERFECT!
2. CL Pigalle Pumps: Classic Pumps in black and nude. I prefer the CL Pigalle, I have been crushing on these for months and a MUST-HAVE in my opinion.
3. Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag in Navy and Black. I love this Navy one and feel I would wear it lots. It's that perfect piece to add a perfect amount cool to any outfit.
4. The Forever Bag: Since I'm not a fan of tacky designer logos but this gorgeous Philip Lim bag I've been lusting after for ages.
5. Super Chic Rainboots: What's chic-er then these Valentino Studded beauties. I am in LOVE.
6. Opera gloves just say glamour and opulence. I NEED a pair to give any look that perfect amount of grandeur.
7. Wide Brim Floppy Hat: Such a stylish topper
8. The perfect cocktail dress. Yes, I said it...I do not own a suitable cocktail dress in my wardrobe. I'm talking that last minute invite to an amazing party, no time to hit the mall type of dress. I owned several before the fire but I haven't seemed to get around to replacing them.
9. A Classic Leather Jacket. Yes I have one but it's an awkward shape and is very old and in need of replacing ASAP.
10. Quality Jewelry. I'm talking the won't fade after 5 wears because you bought it from Forever 21. I will be stocking up on stackable rings, beautiful bangles and perfect gold hoops.
11. Oversized White Vest: I get so much wear from my Navy oversized vest I must get it in white. I have so many outfit ideas dancing around in my head for this baby.
12. Sexy Black Strappy Heels: I still can't believe I don't own a pair of these yet.
13. Oversized Wool Coat: I actually have a few but they aren't the right color and don't fit quite well.
14. A dope pair of thigh high boots and killer riding boots. I have huge calves but has tons of boots for us big calf gals HERE.

What are some of your MUST HAVE items you will be adding in 2014? 


  1. I've dreamt of the day I'll place my first pair of loubs in my closet. Then come to find out they made a nude that is brown girl friendly now I just want to keel over and die!

    Maggie A

  2. the sexy black heels link is opening the rebecca minkoff bag? I want to see which strappy heels you have in mind :-)


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