Thursday, June 18, 2015

Brunch Behavior


 Hey dolls,

Coming to you today with a fun post from this weekend. I went to brunch on Sunday to celebrate a friends birthday in DC and I'm surely ready to make it a regular affair.

Brunch in DC is a way of life and with the right group of people it's a time full of priceless memories. We ate at Lauriol Plaza in Adams Morgan which is Tex-Mex, Spanish goodness! I had the Shrimp and crab enchiladas and they were amazing! Oh and the drinks.....two thumbs up, seriously their frozen margaritas are all that and a bag of tortillas. Yummy and strong, just how I like em.

My girl Tish was in town from Georgia and she had a ball. Great food, great friends and conversation and tons of laughs and jokes makes for a pretty dope Sunday/Brunch Day! Hope your having an awesome week so far dolls and thanks for stopping by!


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