Friday, August 21, 2015

Layer it Up

It's Friday!! Ending this week on a high note dolls after actually sticking to my posting schedule!! *insert squeal here* Not sure why consistency is one of my biggest weakness but I'm working on it. Seriously making an effort to do better in all aspects of life. Pray for me ya'll as I need it. 

Now on to this look. I found this peach shirt dress that I just loved on the website then got it home and couldn't figure out how to work it. It was a little too sheer to wear as a dress so I added a black mini underneath. Then I didn't like the shape it gave me so I belted it. I soon didn't like the brown clutch with my shoes so I changed it. And finally, I felt it just looked a lil boring and needed something else so I added the vest. There ya go. Done. I like it, now I'm out the door. 

Sometimes in fashion we have to experiment like that to achieve the look we want. Sometimes it's the look we didn't know we wanted but that's the fun part of mixing and matching. In the end, layering is always a good idea as long as it's cohesive. It has to flow and make sense. Play around with difference layers, shapes, textures in your wardrobe and see what you come up with this weekend. 

Have a great one loves and as always thanks so much for stopping by!

The Look:
Shirtdress: Forever 21 Contemporary | Belt: Banana Republic (old) | Vest: Forever 21 (old) | Heels: Calvin Klein (old) | Bag 1: Vintage Bag 2: Michael Kors (old)


  1. Love how the outfit turned out! The bag and shoes are bomb!

  2. This outfit is fantastic. I love your blog, it gives me lots of power. Since the birth of my daughter I became more curvey than before. It was really hard to accept it. I thought that I no more cute, I'm a fat mother who is staying home with her baby and that's all. Two long years were passing like this. Some weeks ago I found your blog ( and also an other) and I was surprised. I had to realize that a woman with curves can be very cute and beautiful. I told me <>. I saw your pictures and it was finally clear to me that no matter the body type, every woman can be attractive. So I decided to be a cute woman again. I bought some new clothes, shoes etc., I took lots of your idees. I changed, realy. Now I can accept that I wear the clothes of size 16 and no more 12. You showed me that it is not the size what matters. I am very happy about it and I feel like a woman again. Thank you very much!!! Greetings from France

  3. You are extremely beautiful! Your fashion style is just so on point!!!

  4. U are so pretty! X x


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