Friday, October 30, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Hi dolls, remember me?? I know it's been a minute but there has seriously been so much life stuff going on I'm doing my best to keep up. What better way to come back then with a Halloween look!! I absolutely LOVE Halloween y'all, you have no idea, and love dressing up even more! Last year I was Dorothy or the Dead Dorothy at one Halloween party lol and this year I am Little Red Riding Hood. Oh the plans I had for makeup with this look ....think gashes, facial scars with an extra dose of blood. I can't help but to want to do the gory stuff for Halloween but sadly I just didn't have time to plan my look like I wanted.

So there is this super cool trail behind my house with a bridge and all. It was an absolute perfect backdrop for the stroll to grandmothers house. I seriously can't wait to see it all covered in snow in a few months!! Hopefully I'll find a friend brave enough to take my pics in it like my girl Eilanete did for these. I swear when my friends take my pics they do such an amazing job! Friends that support your obsessive picture taking fetish and don't judge you when you ask them to go out in public with you looking like a fairy tail character = true squad goals!
Oh and don't mind the hole in my fishnets I had an unfortunate run in with a BIG BAD WOLF ;-)


  1. so much like it, nice
    New post :

  2. I would definitely be little red with the boots. Cute costume <3

  3. Hell I woulda def took ur photos. Lil red riding hood jus got SEXYYY! Lol u look incredible. Do u have any other pics like this?
    X x x ;) ;)
    Signed, BIG bad wolf.


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