Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I can explain......but I won't

Sitting down to write this blog post without feeling fake AF has been the hardest thing. Do I jump in with a makeup or outfit post after 5 months of silence? Do I explain, "What happened" to me and the reason for my absence? Is one even necessary? Do I even have the energy for that? Answer to all of the above; NO. Do you guys ever just get off track? (I know I'm not the only one) Do you ever get so far away from your intended path that you look up and ask yourself, where the hell am I? Not in a confused but happy to be here kind of way lol. Nah more in a, HOLY SHIT I'm in danger and need to get to safety kind of way. I feel like I'm in that place as of late.

I started my blog as an outlet to express my love for fashion and makeup and document my journey of discovering my personal style and inspire others along the way. It then grew to my home on the internet to express myself in other things like my love for home decor, life events and my evolution as a woman. I stopped short on many things as the internet is a tricky place to navigate and many people aren't as kind as they should be. But honestly that only left me feeling restricted, the pressure to seem 'perfect' and always put together; inauthentic to a point as at times I'm a WHOLE HOT ASS MESS, and that's ok. Then somewhere along the lines I didn't know how to start again. Asking myself, "where do I start, what do I talk about, does anyone even care anymore?"

Social media has become nothing more than a web of lies for likes and it's exhausting. Then there are those who are truly inspiring and influencing things that matter while doing what they love and supporting themselves doing it. I want to be the later. If I had to articulate a brand mission statement, it would be I want my brand to be one that inspires and influences you to live your best life on your own terms. My favorite people are those that are unapologetically themselves, in a world full of people trying to be like the next that is beyond refreshing. So here's to letting go of what others say your life should be or look like and just fucking DO YOU! I miss sharing, I miss inspiring, I miss this community, I miss writing, I miss beating my face for no reason at all other than to tell y'all how much I LOVE this new lipstick, I miss creating pretty pictures, I miss creating, period. If you still wake up everyday with a passion for something, why would you ever give it up? For me it was because I let the outside 'noise' become louder than my own voice. So let's try this again, let's get back on the horse and back in the saddle and this time, Naja, run your OWN race. Block out the noise and just do what you love. Let everything else happen as it should.


  1. C’mon now, YES DAMN MA’AM!!!!!

  2. "Quiet, don't explain
    What is there to gain
    Skip that lipstick
    Don't explain..." Billie Holiday

    Sis, no explanation is necessary. I too, spend a lot a time tryna figure out where I am going with my blog. So much so, it's been assigned to the bottom of my to-do list. Blog journaling is the story we write about our journey--the good, the bad, and the ugly. So I take a deep breath and say to you and myself -- Just write...the words and thoughts will come.


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