Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy is it Cooooold!!

Hey dolls, boy was today cold! I would have to say it was the first real taste of winter here in the south today, rainy and cold....Brrrrr! It's all good, just prep for my new home so I guess I better starting getting used to it again. Thank you so much for the great feedback and moving tips. Looks like DC is in the lead which has also been at the top of my list. Guys I am so excited about this new chapter and I thank you for the encouragement and great insight. I think DC is it dolls, yup DC it is! Now the real question is.....WHO IS THE BADDEST WEAVEOLOGIST IN DC?? I just might cry when I have to part with my hair stylist but I am not above flying back to Shreveport to get a full sew-in (Don't judge me)......I wish I was joking, but I'm so sincere. *sad face* I spare no expense when it comes to my hair so I need the BEST!! DC Divas hook ya girl up, who's the hottest?!?!?

*Pictures taken by the most good lookin guy in my office....he made me say that HAHAHA*
The FIT:
Cardigan: Don't know
Button up: BCBG
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Banana Republic
Booties: A.Wang
Golden Collar: Target
Bag: Gifted from All Thingz Fab Boutique


  1. Cute Cute and Cute. Girl your style is just amazing.


  2. Loves this look!! The purple tights are woooow!!!

  3. I love each piece of this look! Fabulous and beautiful! Also, glad you chose DC. DC is a great place and I think you will enjoy it. As far as weavologists...I certainly wish I could help. The best hair stylist I knew went out of business. :-(


  4. I love that the tights give this outfit a pop of color!!



  5. I love this post!! I am happy your are moving to DC. You will definitely love it here. As far as weaveologist, I would definitely recommend my hair stylist. Her name is Andrea and her salon is located in Hyattsville, MD which is right outside of DC. She is the only person I let do my weave in this area and she is good at what she does. You can make your hair appointments online ( but she does fill up for weave appts really quick, because a lot of people come to her. She even has clients that comes form NY). The weblink is https://www.securedata-trans12.com/ap/weavesbyandreacom5/index.php?page=10.

  6. Fab look! So glad you chose DC. Like I said...marvelous place. Reniece is the BIZNESS for hair in the DMV. She's located in Rockville, MD.

    Twitter: GlamourFanatic

  7. Love the tights & happy to hear you chose DC, we can def meet up when you finally hit the area.

  8. Cute, love the purple tights!!!

    Carsedra of:



  9. Yay for DC! Can't wait to see what you will bring us from the nation's capital...

    Love the outfit- it is crazy how something as simple as a purple tights can make an outfit outstanding.

  10. Best of look with your move to DC. I always hear that great stylists are in high numbers in DC so it shouldn't take you long to find someone new. Love the outfit. I love the tights and the choker under the collar.

  11. I wish I could blame this on autocorrect....that should read "Best of luck.." Lol!

  12. I promise you, Reniece is THE BADDEST weaveologist in the D.C. area. Check her out at www.reniece.com & let her know Adrienne sent you! Her weaves are amazing! She did my weaves while I was transitioning & my hair is now down my back! She has a waiting list so if you jump on it now you should be o.k.

  13. I like I like, easy outfit to wear everyday


  14. WAIT you are moving to DC! I cant wait to meet you! Well oh well I know plenty of weaveologists! Let me know!



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