Friday, December 23, 2011

Fashion Bombshell of the Year....OH MY!!

"Get the **** outta here!!" was my initial reaction when I learned I was a Fashion Bombshell of the Year nominee. Then, "WOW", "Thank you!!!!" Thank you to my amazing followers, supporters, readers and all of the above that support me and voted for me. Although I have just started my blog a few months ago your support has been amazing and I truly do THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart! I have been MIA as of late dealing with some real life issues but will be giving you dolls an update soon, I promise. I have some big things on the horizon to show and share with you dolls so bare with me lovelies. In the meantime, do me a favor and visit The Fashion Bomb and vote for me for Fashion Bombshell of the Year!

Best of 2011: Fashion Bombshell of the Year

by Claire
Though we cover celebrity style on the daily, the true stars are our Bombshells of the Day.
Stylistas from all over the world submit their pix to be examined by an exacting panel of anonymous judges. Not every Bombshell is a crowd favorite, but these six stood out from the pack.

Marley from New Jersey:
Marley caught our eyes thanks to her supremely versatile style.  In addition to flaunting everything from poodle skirts to halter dresses, she showed dexterity with her hair, rocking everything from long braids to cropped cuts.
77% of 1,258 votes secured her spot as Bomshell of the Week, and reader Sticky-n-Sweet said,“I love it! Kinda retro, kinda avant garde, hair and makeup are flawless!”
Fly Won from Indiana
Fly Won made a splash thanks to her colorful and vintage inspired looks, along with her unquestionable confidence.
Sun.kissed said, “Cute! Loves the colorful blazers, the corset, and bold silver earrings.”
Patience from Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe native Patience currently kicks it in Iowa, but still keeps it fly by way of her Her bright colored shifts, patterned tights, and designer accessories secured her a whopping 90% “Hot!” rating out of 1,453 votes.

African Mami exclaimed, “She BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! That yellow dress is bananas, that orange get up is sexy! Yo she shut it down!!! Thanks for repping Africa real well mama!” OK!

Karen from London
Though Karen from is already a well known blogger, a few weeks ago she was officially crowned a Fashion Bombshell. 

Reader A-Danielle said, “Breath of fresh air,” and Antoinette added, “Amazing style! Loves it.”

Naja from New Jersey

Naja rocked our Bombshell feature with over 140 comments and 1,379 votes. Her vibrant hued outfits and electric smile made her a certified Fashion Bomb favorite.

LocalCeleb gushed, “I like.. she can really put her fashion together well, LOVE her shoes,” andDCChic added, “I like how she dresses for her body type, most things I would wear, and her shoes are on point!”

Olori Swank from Atlanta

As a stylist, blogger, and editor, Olori Swank knows how to put pieces together to make them shine.

Raycho_and screamed, “She is giving me LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEE,” andThe.Absolute.Most said, “So much freaking style! Representing the A…!”

Who should be Bombshell of the year?
  • Olori Swank from Atlanta
  • Marley from New Jersey
  • Karen from London
  • Fly Won from Indiana
  • Naja from New Jersey
  • Patience from Zimbabwe
Total Votes: 523
Reminisce on Marley’s looks here. Look back on Fly Won’s best here. Check Patience’soriginal post here. See more of Karen’s looks here. Get more Naja here. And see Olori Swankwork it here.

THANK YOU AGAIN HUN BUNs for all your support!
Naja Diamond


  1. HELLA YEAH! I knew you would be in it! didn't even know there would be a fashion bomb of the year- i actually tweeted Claire from Fashion Bomb asking if there would be such a title. I was ready to cast my vote for my three favorite Bombers and you were definitely on the list.

    CONGRATS!- Just casted my vote

  2. Thanks dear!! Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!
    Naja Diamond

  3. googling myself and saw this! oh how time "Flys" lol that bombshell feature was before I lived in ATL! Thank you

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