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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pastels & Neon

Hello my loves! Happy Monday and I hope all my fabulous mothers out there had a pleasant and enjoyable day yesterday.  I spent the weekend hanging out with family and friends and even took a little impromptu road trip home to Jersey to surprise some special Mother's in my life. Here are a few pics from the weekend. I decided to remix my linen trench vest with my fav pastel tulip skirt. I loved the combo and am living for the versatility of this piece. Just goes to show that you do not have to spend a bunch of money on wardrobe basics and the options are endless. I am a firm believer, since the fire, in investing in timeless pieces. I love trendy pieces as well but I would not recommend spending a ton of money on them. Invest in timeless pieces they will make your wardrobe very versatile and effortless. This trench vest has officially been added to that category for me! Have a fabulous week dolls, chat witcha soon!
I feel like I was back in my cheerleader days with this pose. LOL
Dolls this necklace was my first official DIMy (Did-It-Myself) project I tried after discovering it on PINTREST....follow me HERE dolls!! I seriously couldn't be more proud! Just a bit of neon nail polish to spruce up an old Forever 21 piece....Let me know if you want a tutorial...its super easy! 
The FIT:
Trench Vest: Forever 21
Blouse: BCBG
Skirt: Club Monaco, 
Heels: DVF
Bag/Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs
 Brazilian Body Wave in its natural state, just a bit of water and condition then I'm out the door!
 Might be time to give the hot pink toes a rest but I'm just soooo obsessed!
 Me and my oily face!! Ugggh, this was before dancing or any type of real activity, I need a fix ASAP! Any suggestions dolls?? I'm sure there are some tricks I haven't tried yet.
My beautiful SiStar Karimah!! Can't wait for this chick to move to the DMV, hurry up girl!!  
Good Times clearly....lol

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  1. What an amazing look! I think I'm going to order this trench vest from F21. it is so cute. I love the DIY necklace, great job on that.

  2. cute fit!!!! those shoes are the BOMB!!!!!! LOOOOVE them!!! U hv killa legs>> (im Jea-Lay)lolo.. J\K.. U rock girly!!

  3. oh yeah!!! I think the pink(toes) is cute... keep rocking ur pink!! :)

  4. LOL! I love the photos. You look fabulous my dear. Simply beautiful. I laughed though because the last photo looked like you all were having a great time. I wanted to jump in.

  5. Looking fab!!! I want that trench! && Those shoes!

    As for the oily skin.. Try Milk of Magnesia after you apply your moisturizer. Youtube it! It has worked WONDERS for me!

  6. Love this look, the color of your skirt is so pretty and styled perfectly :)


  7. Still blog crushing lol, luv the wavy hair Hun cute look

  8. This whole look is fab! The color of your skirt is amazing...and the hair is on point!
    LOve it!


  9. I love everything about this outfit! You've inspired tomorrow's outfit if this fickle New England weather permits.

    I know MAC has a moisturizer that is supposed to keep the oil at bay, but idk how good it is. I've also heard Milk of Magnesium works wonders but I've never tried it either. I need to do something about my shine too, especially now that it's getting humid.

  10. Love this entire outfit. You're truly working those legs in those heels. I am a big fan of spicing up basics too.

  11. LOVEEEEE! And this is the first time I've seen the new blog design...its super cute, your GD is talented!

  12. Very nice outfit, I am loving those shoes!!!

    Carsedra of:



  13. Fabulous as always! Try MAC oil control lotion. And i'm not sure what foundation you use but MAC studio fix fluid will keep your skin nice and Matte :)

  14. Girl, I love the make up. I would love for you to do a make up tutorial for this look as well as a tutorial for that gorgeous necklace. Loving the skirt and shoes...one day I will be able to get a DVF pair myself!

  15. Ahhhh you are beautiful! Love this look and your shoes. So freckin chic.

  16. I recently bought the Mac blot powder. It works really good so far. I haven't tried milk of magnesia but I want too.
    BTW, Love the outfit.

  17. A thin layer of Milk of Magnesia works wonders for me. Also do you moisturize after washing your face? Often times we suffer from oily skin because our body overproduces what it believes is lacking (i.e. moisture).

    1. Thank you lady, I've heard great things about Milk of Mag. I'm definitely gonna try it!

  18. I like the Rimell Matte Powder for my shine.

  19. Great style! I am soooo loving these colors together :)

  20. Oh my gosh, i saw you this night you was at indulge on U st. I kept looking at you that night like she looks very familiar but i just could not put my hand on where i had seen you. I have been looking at your blog for about a month now and love your style. I did notice that you were taking pics with a professional camera of you and your sis camera and was wondering were you a blogger.

    1. LOL, that is too funny! Next time stop by to say hello, I'm on U St. quite a bit doll!

  21. DO NOT USE ANY MAC products even if they claim oil control/matte. MAC is GUARENTEED to create acne/oilslicks on already oily skin.

    Use a thin layer of Milk or Magnesia after moisturizing before priming and

  22. What nail color is that? Love the watch btw!

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