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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Uniform

Hey dolls, hope your enjoying the weekend, I know I am. Even though this past week seemed to have gone by pretty fast, I'm still happy to see the weekend. Today I was out and about enjoying the weather and stopped by the 1st Annual Natural Hair Meetup Day. I have been natural (No Perm, just weave and a Keratin treatment on my leave out) for over 2 years now and have been wanting to bring out the Fro for some time. I desperately want to try kinky twists, twist outs, rod sets and all the lovely natural styles I come across. I still haven't been able to find a decent hair stylist in this area so I figure now is as good a time as any.  I went to check out the event to get more information. Ladies in the DMV sure know how to rock some natural hair and everytime I see a fly natural chica I want to JUST DO IT! But I need more information. My biggest fear is the maintenance. I hear ladies say they wash twice a week, co-wash then pre-poo then detangle, then all the products you go thru before you find the ones that work for you. I'm exhausted just typing all that stuff and honestly don't know what half the lingo really means!! I actually came across a dictionary for natural lingo online that explains the language. With my weave I wash, blow-dry or air dry, flexirod, flatiron (sometimes) and thats it. I am a lazy lazy lady when it comes to my hair. I'd much rather pay someone to keep it lookin fly or be as low maintenance as possible. When I do take my weave out I need to be sure I'm ready for the commitment. One thing I learned today at the Meet-up......Going Natural is 90% Mental 10% Physical.....oh and don't ask what is Henna real loud in a room full of die hard Naturalistas. LOL, you will get the side eye!!

So this is pretty much my uniform during the summertime dolls. Short shorts and high heels. I did some summer shopping yesterday and seriously went bananas over all the bright, neon colors in stores now. Just lovely....be prepared for a LOT of neon to come. LOL, Enjoy lovelies and don't forget to VOTE for me for 'Best Rookie Blog' for the 1st Annual Style Bloggers of Color Awards. I would so appreciate your support lovelies.
Had a little fun with my usual neutral eye makeup look and added a pop of green. Ya like??

These shoes....*sigh* my latest addition that I LOVE so much!
 The FIT:
Top: J.Crew
Shorts: GAP
Heels: ALDO
Bag: Zara
Arm Candy: H&M, Fossil Watch, Forever 21
Back in the gym HARD dolls, definitely have lost definition in my legs and starting to see some ripples....NO BUENO!!

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  1. U better work it girl!!!!!!! Shoes luv shorts amazing , just stunning

  2. Beautiful! I love this look. Super cute top and necklace.

    I understand why you're skeptical about going natural. I'm a natural myself. It does take dedication to be able to take good care of your hair, but it's not as bad as you think. Once you get a hang of it, you'll love it! Good-luck in whatever you decide to do! :))

    1. Thanks dolls for the encouragement. I really want to do it, I want to say by the FALL I will be sans weave and 100% all natural! Stay tuned, I'm sure I will need some of your lovely advice ;-)

  3. Well you already look great so going to the gym will only make you look better!! =]

    I totally agree with you with the whole hair maintenance thing. I would much rather pay someone to keep it looking nice =] I've been avoiding taking out my braids for that same reason and I know it is going to be absolute torture the day I do.

    Good Luck again on the blogger awards<3 I'm rootin for ya! =]

  4. Lol we use henna a lot in our culture (I'm Pakistani) & I've even seen elderly men dye their beards with it- only problem is their hair is naturally white, so the henna ends up making their beards BRIGHT orange (yup, like the neon trends going on right now- lol!) =P

    1. LOL, I bet that is a funny site to see them walking around in Neon beards! I'm excited to use it I hear the benefits are amazing!

  5. I love your make up and you look great


  6. u are way too adorable love this very chic...

  7. Your makeup is flawless! And love those shoes

  8. Going natural has to be the best thing I ever did. Once you really start to grow out your hair and see the difference in texture between the natural hair and the processed, it'll make the decisions easier. Before I went natural, I couldn't get my hair past my shoulders without it breaking off. Now, it's down to my butt and I donate it every 2 years. Well worth it! Good luck!

    1. Oh wow, how great it is you donate your hair, that is lovely and thanks so much for the encouragement. I will keep you dolls posted for sure!

  9. LOVE!! Your legs are killer!!! Sheesh lol.


  10. Just found your blog and omg I can't believe what I've been missing!! new follower for sure you're gorgeous and your makeup is flawless

  11. You are GORG...so jealous of those legs!!! Loves it:-)

  12. You look gorgeous! Hair to shoes. Love the make up too!

  13. Was great meeting you tonight at the CapFABB meetup! You look gorgeous and I loooove those shoes!


    1. Thanks so much lady, so great meeting you as well!!



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