Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Inspired OOTD

Hey dolls so in the spirit of the 2012 Olympic games I put together this look. Red, White, Gold and Blue is such a perfect combination. I love getting dressed with a theme in mind, am I the only one?? Anyway have you guys been watching the Olympics this year. I have, and let me just say that it is always so impressive and inspiring. The physical abilities of these people is just amazing. Just thinking of the level of dedication and time they put into training makes me want to kick myself for ever complaining when its time to hit the gym or do Insanity. My favorite event is always women's gymnastics since I swore I would be the next Dominique Dawes until I was about 12 years old. #TrueStory
The FIT:
Shirt: Mango via JCPenny
Skirt/Vest: Forever 21
Heels: DVF
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
I will be loading a review/tutorial on this Olympic inspired makeup look featuring NareeCosmetics soon dolls. In the meantime take a look at her super affordable and pigmented products HERE!
So someone...meaning ME....was super bored last week and decided dye my own hair. In my opinion it was a major fail and surely needs more practice before trying it again. Perhaps a bit more research aka YouTube needs to be done! LOL
 So what's your fav Olympic event dolls, I'm curious to know!! 

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  1. really cute look.. love that necklace....

  2. yea...what Jarette said!


  3. really cute outfit, I love the Shoes!!

  4. You look amazing Missy! Way to show your Olympic spirit!


  5. You look amazing! The look isn't soo overbearing yet it still screams team spirit<3

  6. I think your hair looks nice! Love the outfit! Repping for the USA!!!

  7. I think your hair looks great!! Love the outfit! Killer legs


  8. Looking good Missy! Love the outfit and the make up is on point! I have been glued to the tv since the start of the Olympics. I love it all but I am so looking forward to track and field!


  9. I love the whole look gosh you are so gorgeous and put together I love it

  10. Cute!!! I'm so happy the Olympics is here. I, myself, is a track junkie :)

  11. Love Love Love your outfit! And your makeup is on point...:)
    Raliat O.

  12. That weave looks hideous. I'd bet my bottom dollar your own hair looks a million times better. The weave is seriously taking away from your beauty doll. You should tone down the make up too....you look like you're wearing a mask, visible foundation, the fake lashes, unblended eyeshadow its just too much going on. You are naturally pretty, why pile on all the extra??? You seem happy in your photos but I can see insecurity in your eyes....all the make and weave won't change it...love yourself.

  13. Hi Anonymous.. being that I know Naja personally I can tell you she is no insecure and just enjoys being girly. She can get down and dirty with the boys and also be cutesy with the girls. I understand you attempted to be "nice" and "helpful" with your comment but in the future, put a name with your comment and dont hide behind the internet. Not everyone who wears a lot of makeup and/or weave is insecure. Clearly you are a tad insecure since you felt the need to hide with "anonymous". No hate at all since I dont know you and WELL I try not to judge and you should try the same especially since you dont even know Naja!

  14. sorry for the typos... was angrily typing lol

  15. Anonymous here....I applaud you J.Jehanne for taking up for your friend, but see women like you are part of the problem. You're too afraid to be HONEST with your friend, if she looks a mess, she looks a MESS and a REAL friend would pull their friend to the side and tell them as such. But no, you enable by giving faux compliments when you know that the person looks a mess. You're the type of girl who won't tell her friend the truth and will allow her to walk around looking a MESS, just so YOU can shine.Pathetic.....Me being anonymous or not doesn't change the fact that in MY OPINION( yup that's right, I'm entitled to that in the U.S of A) Naja looks a mess. She's pretty and dresses well for her body type( though she could stand to lose about 25 lbs) and In MY OPINION her weave and make up are too much and IN MY OPINION reeks of insecurity. I'm calling it like I see it and if you don't like it OH WELL. I'm far from insecure and Naja has nothing physically that I even remotely wish to have so what is there to hate on? (Though I WILL say I'm hating on her closet. She has great clothes and shoes.) Anywho When you blog or put yourself in the spotlight, receiving criticism comes with the territory. GET THICKER SKIN.

    1. But you're such a troll girl, you're spending your time getting folks what you think is "bothered" because you're too much of a coward to put a face, name, blog behind your comments?

      You don't have any reason to come in here, and comment on anybodies blog because you don't like it, don't comment, don't read, don't look period if you don't like what you see. Who hurt you is the bigger question, who hurt your feelings so bad that you have to come on here and troll and given you rusty ass two cents???

      Did Naja meet you and ignore you? You're such a troll and we've been laughing at your pathetic tail since you posted on here and we all found out how much of a LOSER you are, get a life, please do us that favor, no do yourself that favor and go troll somewhere else.

      You just keep repeating yourself about people looking a mess, PLEASE post a picture of yourself, cause I have a feeling you won't because YOUR the complete mess inside and OUT, your life is clearly in shambles or lack of since you have enough energy to "read" folks! Coming in here talking about her weight, her hair, you sound just as insecure as you claim these women to be. Like i said you will continue to be a coward ass blog troll because you haven't shown us what a "confident" "real" woman is supposed to look like. Messy bird fly AWAY. LOLOLOL.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. omg Katrina... you are soooooo right... oh my you read right through me and my friendship with Naja, oh my goodness how did you get to be so wise. You are the all knowing.... oh so lucky that you came into our lives....I now know what true HATE is!
    give me a break... enjoy your day hun.... if you have nothing nice to say then dont open your mouth. You must really love us to spend so much time on our blogs. p.s. thanks for the comment and added pageviews on my blog, more moolah in my pocket!
    done feeding into your dissertations. Again, have a fantastic day and I truly wish the best for you.

  18. Loving the shoes...!!!!!



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