Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Ramblings

Hey dolls, Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was marvelous if I must say so myself. Currently my granny is in town visiting me and we have spent the weekend thrifting, cooking and DIY'ing! Talk about a good time! I have discovered a new love for Mod Podge a.k.a crafting glue.....FYI it's pretty awesome! lol, I completed my inspiration wall I have been dieing to do since spotting it on Pintrest a while back and even purchased, and boiled my first LIVE lobster. Let me tell you that was a scary situation thank goodness my granny is much braver than I am. Here are a few of my random pics from this weekend dolls hope you have a marvelous week!
Finally tried this seafood pot pie was soooo good!! Bye Bye Mr. Lobster, you were tasty! lol
These crab cakes were super secret ingredient....Cheez-it crackers!! *shhhhh don't tell nobody! ;-)*
 Wanted something sweet so granny suggested a old fashion dump cake....I damn near ate the whole thing *hids face in shame*
My inspiration wall filled with thrifted picture frames spray painted by me filled with some of my favorite blog pics and quotes! This was such a fun project can't wait to do the next one. 

 Aaaaannnd some random face
Did you do anything fun?? I'd love to know what you all were up to!


  1. I really like your inspiration wall. Cool idea! How did you do the lettering?


    1. Thanks lady! The letters are stickers I purchased from Target. They peel off and stick right to the wall!

  2. That food looks delicious! I went thrifting myself and found some great items. Not sure if you knew it was "I Love Thrifting" Day on Saturday. :)

    1. Oh wow I had no idea! There seems to be a day for everything these days! I've been cooking up a storm lately. lol

  3. I love the wall. I need to start Spending more time on Pinterest for DIY projects :)

  4. Your inspiration wall looks great! <3


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