Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Calling All Military Fashionistas....I SALUTE YOU!

Are you a woman associated with the military? Do you LOVE fashion and have MAJOR style? Are you just as fierce in Stilettos as you are in Combat Boots? Then I want to feature you on my blog as part of my new #StyleSalute feature!! Send me your pics TODAY to NajaDiamond@gmail.com!

Starting next Monday I will be launching a new feature on the blog that highlights military chicks with style. Style Salute Mondays is targeted at military women with exceptional style. This feature is open to Active Duty military, Reserves, Veterans, and spouses. Through this feature I hope to shed light on these heroic woman who not only serve this country but also serve MAJOR style off duty. This feature will highlight the feminine side of a very male dominating world that too often strips us of our individuality and femininity. This is aimed to be more than just another feature, but a movement that I hope will encourage women to embrace their personal style and celebrate their style evolution no matter what lifestyle they live.  Also, you dolls will personally get to understand that beauty and style DOES exist behind the uniform.  

One of the most annoying comments I would get when I separated was, “Your too pretty or stylish to have been in the military”. My reply would often be, 'Oh no hunni, don’t let the camo fool you they're some fierce ladies in the military!' They were under the impression that military women didn’t care about girlie things, that all we did was shoot guns, roll around in the dirt and act tough. Through this feature I hope to put these stereotypes to rest and allow my Diamond Dolls in arms a place to be Saluted for great Style.  
If you are a woman associated with the military and would like to participate in this feature please send me your pics!! Email me your pics of you looking fierce on and off duty. Send me your social media links and branch of service and check back on Mondays to see if your the feature of the week! 


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