Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Finds & Remixing

Hey dolls, can we please discuss my new thrifting treasures today....If you don't mind. I mean, I'm not really a hard core true lover of thrifting. I like to thrift, sometimes....and can appreciate thrifting....most times.....but simply don't have the patience for it.....most times! There is also just something about wearing old, musty smelling clothes that someone else has had on their body that just doesn't appeal to me. However, the thrill of finding something one of a kind or exclusive at only a fraction of the full price that usually silences my inner snob. My most recent thrifting trip with my intern little sister Asantee was a major score in my book. Most times I get so frustrated by the racks of garbage I don't usually stick around long enough to really get in the nitty gritty to find the good stuff but Santee wanted to go thrifting so thrifting we went! I came across a MAJOR wardrobe staple I had been missing a good jean jacket and this super cute, comfy and classic Coach crossbody bag. I mean how awesome is that! I know some dolls are lucky enough to come across a dope Dior blazer or vintage Gucci bag but I don't care, I was ecstatic buy my Levi's and Coach.  I can wear both pieces with endless items in my wardrobe and for about 15 bucks between the both of them you can't beat that with a baseball bat!

I love this casual look I wore this weekend to run errands and grab lunch. I haven't been doing much shopping lately since I have gained a bit of weight and hardly any of my clothes fit anymore and I simply REFUSE to buy a bigger size. I won't do it. Period. End of Story. This dress from Undeniable Boutique is the perfect piece to camoflauge my transition.

If you haven't noticed I am all about BIG hair and a BOLD lip this Spring. I have not been afraid of messy hair and being a new resident of Flordia the humidity is sure to kick my straight hair and perfect curls to the curb. If any of you dolls are Floridians please tell me how do you beat the heat and humidity down here. I know now I won't be in a full face of makeup very often! ;-)

Anyway, hope you dolls enjoy this look and thanks so much for stopping by!!
The FIT:
Dress: Undeniable Boutique, I freakin LOVE this dress!
Levis Jean Jacket: Thrifted, yes I said THRIFTED!
Crossbody bag: Coach and also thrifted!! *insert squeal*
Heels: Calvin Klein
Earrings: ASOS, Watch: Michael Kors, Arm Candy: Forever 21, Jewellinks, Sunnies: Gucci

 Since moving to Florida I don't even try to tame this beast anymore with this humidity, BIG hair it is!


  1. Wait you moved to Florida?! I'm from South Florida (West Palm Beach) but currently live in the DFW (the heat is worse here). I say hydrate, keep some napkins in your bag at all times, and basically stay in the house during afternoon thunderstorms!

  2. Yay!!! You are a floridian!! Why am I just finding this out?? Where are you located in Florida? Love your outfit btw. Those shoes are HAUTE!!!

    With Love,


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