Monday, September 5, 2011

Fashion Week Prep: Day 2 & 3

Day 2:
If your heading outta town like me, start packing NOW. You always remember things you could bring as the days grow closer so start early to ensure you are as prepared as possible. Some FW essentials are: Camera, Video recorder if you do videos, business cards, comfy shoes for when you MUST pull off those 5 inchers. For me some other Naja Necessities include Jeans, layering tanks, all of my accessories or as many as I can fit! It makes me sick to forget one piece behind that I might want to wear, of coarse I don't know until I'm getting dressed. I take them all to be on the safe side. I'm also a little neurotic and will 'style out' the weeks outfits to ensure no essential piece is left behind.
Day 3:
This really should have been Day 1 but whateves.....Start to drink lots of water and cut back on the salt and greasy foods. Last thing you want to do is be photographed bloated and yucky.  The water will also help with any blemishes that you might have or that are planning on making an appearance. There are tons of people, photographers, bloggers etc. doing a LOT of Style Stalking so you never know what blog, facebook page or website you might pop up on.....ALWAYS remain picture perfect and camera ready dolls!

{Really need a more fashionable camera bag to tote...any ideas where to find one dolls?}
{New Business Cards...NYFW is all about Networking!}

{New Brown Python Sperry's are gonna be a great flat to nurse my aching feet}

Naja D



  1. great looks , i luv the mint green and white look

  2. Thanks Doll!! Wore it last night to dinner with the girls and would you know I forgot my camera.... :-( No worries, Repeat coming soon!

  3. Hey chica, i just wanted to first say that i looove your style! I saw your feature and i'm now following your blog(follow back plz). About the camera bag....i'm shopping for a dslr camera and i've come across some BEAUTIFUL camera bags you may like. Go to and type in dslr camera bag into the search. I'm sure you will find someting that catches your eye :-)


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