Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's bow our heads.....

And pray that this new hairstylist I am trying out tonight will work out as I hope. That is all. Please enjoy a few random shots that I found on my computer. I will not be taking any new outfit pics until I get this mess called my hair together and under control!!! Grrrr *insert angry face*
New Lippies from my latest MAC Haul! Picked up that new Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Ruby Woo. Check out the rest of my goodies  HERE!

 Some shots by Raz I neglected to upload, love these suede Steve Madden booties!
With the 'Say What'
 FIT: Sweater Dress; Club Monoco, Leggings; GAP, Suede Booties; Steve Madden, Parka; L.L Bean (snagged from Mom's closet)
 Some sweet treats.....YUM!
Only slightly obsessed with Candles.....
 Dinner at Serendipity 3, chillin wit no makeup on :-D
In Georgetown, my new FAV spot in DC so far! Love this Vintage Ralph Lauren blazer
Zara Bag and Steve Madden booties <3

Missing you,



  1. Beautiful!! love your style =)

  2. Ahhhh still so jealous u r in my old stomping grounds! <3 those lipsticks! gotta hit up MAC next week!


  3. the steve madden booties <3 so lovely

  4. love it allll

  5. Ok no makeup? Your skin is beautiful! You need to post your routine for us!


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